Brazilian LoL fans troll EG Jojopyun with nude pic of a footballer

EG Jojopyun Brazil LOUDLoL Esports | Twitter/G Magazine

Jojopyun put out a tweet mocking LOUD, the Brazilian team Evil Geniuses would be facing in Play-ins. LOUD fans weren’t happy, and they fired back at Jojopyun in a very… unique way.

Between Vulcan and Jojopyun, Evil Geniuses have some of the best trash talk in pro LoL. While many pro players stay away from social media and focus on their play, Vulcan and Jojopyun use twitter to stoke the fires and create hype for their matches.

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Jojopyun put out a tweet to poke fun at LOUD, the Worlds 2022 representative from Brazil, ahead of their game.

Not only did his tweet imply that EG will come out on top in their clash, Jojopyun communicated the point through a reference to one of the most crushing football defeats for Brazil at an international event: Their 7-1 loss to Germany at the 2014 World Cup. Brazil’s wrath came in the replies, but not in the way you might think.

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Fighting memes with memes

Brazilian LoL fans flocked to this tweet in response to EG Jojopyun calling out LOUD. Brazilian fans are known for being incredibly passionate, and LOUD is a massive esports organization.

LOUD’s Valorant team won Valorant Challengers in Istanbul, making Brazilian esports fans even more excited to see Brazil at LoL Worlds 2022.

EG Jojopyun poked the hornet’s nest here, and LOUD fans bombarded him with… a cropped picture of a nude footballer?

This is a Brazilian meme called Vampetaço, and a method of trolling/mocking someone via the threat of posting a fully nude picture of a former footballer.

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Vampeta used to be a football player in Brazil, one that posed nude for G Magazine, an adult magazine in Brazil. The cropped picture is used as a warning for an uncropped picture to come if the user who gets hit with this image doesn’t stop what they’re doing.

Even Jojo’s teammate on EG, Vulcan, got in on the fun and clowned his own teammate in the same way that Brazilian fans were.

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At the end of the day, this is a bit of fun banter between Jojo and the Brazilian fans ahead of their match against each other. In their clash, EG came out on top in a fairly close game.