The best TFT Set 8 comps in patch 12.23b: Top meta builds

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TFT Set 8 has finally arrived with patch 12.23b. As Monsters Attack, you need to assemble the best comps possible to win. Thankfully, we’ve got a guide to the top meta builds so you can start your ranked grind strong.

The Dragonlands are in the rearview mirror, with TFT Set 8 bringing the autobattler to the Spatulopolis in Monsters Attack. That means new champions and traits, mechanics like Hero Augments, and more to learn about so you can start the ranked grind.

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If you’re looking for an easy start, we’ve got you covered right here with a meta guide to some of the best comps in TFT Set 8 ⁠— as of patch 12.23b.

It’s always best to play flexibly around your items and Augments, but these builds are the most consistent at getting Top 4’s and wins so you can climb the ladder as fast as possible.

Best TFT comps in patch 12.23b

Yuumi Reroll

Example Yuumi Reroll board in TFT Set 8LoL Chess

Love pressing reroll? TFT Set 8 is definitely for you, and Yuumi Reroll is by far the best comp going around right now.

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Comps don’t really get as easy and as powerful as Yuumi Reroll. All you have to do is find your core six units: Gangplank, Galio, Nasus, Malphite, Lee Sin, and Yuumi, and press reroll. It takes practically next to no skill, and if you’re uncontested you’re guaranteed a first.

Of course, there are small optimizations that make it better. You will want to roll at Level 5 for as many one-cost three-stars as you can get to buff up your Supers bonus damage — at least get Galio. Then you want to roll at Level 6 for the two-cost units, where you definitely need Yuumi.

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If you hit the Hero Augment for Carry Yuumi, you are even more set. Defensive frontline ones are also an option. Slam any AP items plus Blue Buff on Yuumi, and tank items on Malphite and Galio. We’re not lying: Yuumi Reroll is free LP on TFT patch 12.23b. Abuse it while you can.

Samira Aphelios

Example Samira Aphelios board in TFT Set 8LoL Chess

Not a reroll player? Well it’s time to flex your inner Bill Gates with Samira and Aphelios. It’s a very high cap board because of the high cost carries. That fact means it’s very strong in the late game, and can potentially topple all those reroll comps.

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Follow a basic leveling curve to hit Level 6 at Stage 3-2, Level 7 at Stage 4-1, and Level 8 at either Stage 4-5 or 5-1 depending on your economy. Along the way be sure to play a strong board to not bleed HP, holding AD items on a carry like Sivir so you can transfer them to Samira.

Your frontline follows many of the other top ones in TFT Set 8 — Ekko, Sejuani, and Zac make up the bulk of it, with Alistar and Nunu in for Mascot and Vi for Brawler and Aegis.

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This comp is relatively item reliant, and it’s better if you get a Carry Hero Augment for either Samira or Aphelios. However if you have a strong early game but need a board to transition into, Samira and Aphelios is your best bet if you have AD items to spare.

Miss Fortune Anima Squad

Example Miss Fortune meta board in TFT Set 8LoL Chess

Anima Squad is one of the strongest vertical traits, especially if you can get it in from Stage 1-4 or 2-1. Being able to stack up Fame as quickly as possible and get the health bonus for all your units can be the difference maker once the late game fights roll around.

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Miss Fortune is the most popular Anima Squad carries, although there’s merit to playing Jinx and Vayne if you hit the right Hero Augments. Else, it’s easier to focus around the four-cost Ace.

Pushing 4 Ace is a bit of a bait as it makes your team too squishy for only a small offensive benefit. Instead it’s better to make a strong frontline with either 3 Anima Squad and splash defensive traits like Brawler and Aegis, or 7 Anima Squad for the huge offensive boost if you get an Emblem on the board.

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Riven can hold all your defensive items, while AP boosts like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Spear of Shojin (she needs mana generation) are easy slams for Miss Fortune. AD items can go onto Vayne if required, but if you’re getting too many Swords, it might not be worth playing Miss Fortune.

Talon / Viego Ox Force

Example Ox Force meta board in TFT Set 8LoL Chess
Talon itemization shouldn’t be optimized in 6 Ox Force unless playing Talon Reroll.

The other incredibly strong vertical trait to build around in TFT patch 12.23b is Ox Force. It was a bit underrated on PBE, but once 6 Ox Force comps became meta near the end of the testing period, they dominated the charts.

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There are two main variations: Talon reroll or Viego carry. Both have drastically different playstyles, but can ultimately end up with similar looking boards. With Talon reroll, you want to get a Talon Hero Augment early ⁠— either one ⁠— and roll hard at Level 5 for the one-cost carry. You can deviate and either play 3 Supers 3 Renegades, or vertical Ox Force.

Viego follows a more traditional leveling curve of hitting Level 8 by around Stage 4-5 or 5-1. Viego likes AP items counter-intuitively, so Deathcap, Jeweled Gauntlet, and even Ionic Spark are great pickups. Bloodthirster for healing is also good to ensure the resets. AD items instead go on Aphelios, not Talon, as he has more threat late game. 

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The 6 Ox Force board builds around Talon, Alistair, Fiora, Aphelios, and Annie. If you can hit an Emblem, you can drop Annie for a Duelist like Zed. Your tempo really depends on whether you get a lot of Talons early plus the Hero Augment. If you do, play Talon. Else it’s easier to play Viego.