BDS Adam calls LEC demotion a “reality check” and regrets his past actions

BDS Adam reality check LECLEC

In the post-game broadcast interview following BDS’ victory over SK, Adam revealed that getting demoted to the LFL was a “reality check” for him and that he regrets some of his actions in the past.

Adam’s LEC debut was one of the most memorable in the competition’s history, and it wasn’t entirely for good reasons. Between Fnatic’s roster getting shuffled around to fit him into the top lane and Adam’s comments toward Upset when he wasn’t able to make it to Worlds 2021, Adam kicked things off with controversy.

2022 saw him starting on BDS and being promptly demoted to the LFL before returning in 2023, bringing him to the present day, where he’s rocking his signature aggressive playstyle in the LEC.

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Following his win against SK, Adam revealed some of his thoughts during his tumultuous pro career so far in a broadcast interview with Laure.

BDS Adam reflects on being demoted to the LFL

Adam is known for one thing when it comes to his tenure as a pro player: Aggression. This player picks champions like Olaf, Jax, and Darius that always want to take trades and force 1v1s. He’ll even build full damage on characters who typically build bruiser items and has made himself a standout player because of his unrelenting playstyle.

However, there’s a thin line between good aggression and full-on int. That, combined with Adam’s comments following Fnatic’s tragic Worlds 2021 run, led to Adam garnering ire from much of the LEC.

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Now that he’s back in the LEC for 2023, he’s looking like one of the strongest top laners in Europe again.

Following their win over SK, Adam talked about his time in the LFL and reflected on the past few years of his career.

“Going back to LFL, it was like… My career so far has been only ups, right? The moment I got demoted to LFL was a reality check.”

Adam continued with his signature playstyle in the LFL with a dominant regular season and some incredibly mixed results in the playoffs. He’s still a player that’s a bit vulnerable to jungle pressure but does very well with a lead. But he was talking about more than just his gameplay.

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“Because of that, I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve done in the past, a lot of things that I actually regret now.”

He didn’t directly point to any of his past comments or actions with other teams but addressed the topic broadly. He concluded with this:

“I’m glad that I’m here again. I’m glad that I’m with this team. I’m glad that BDS is here as well. The future is really good.”