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Aurelion Sol abilities rework in League of Legends: Kit updates, release date

Published: 18/Apr/2022 18:00

by Lauren Bergin


As part of League of Legends Season 12, Star Forger and mid-lane titan, Aurelion Sol, will be undergoing an all-new style of LoL rework to increase his viability. Here’s everything we know about the changes to the sassy celestial, and their proposed release date.

If there’s one champion who has completely fallen off the face of Summoner’s Rift over the years, it’s League of Legends’ resident Star Forger and celestial dragon, Aurelion Sol.

Known for his sharp sense of humor and playful quips, despite his awesome size (a trait he’s incredibly proud of) the scaly ball of sass has effectively been rendered invisible. With an abysmal pick rate of 0.68% on leaving him in 46th place out of 51 champions, Riot have decided to show Aurelion Sol some love this season.


While his visuals still have players seeing stars (literally), the character will be undergoing a “Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU),” a new type of update set to target his lackluster kit and bring Zoe’s favorite space puppy into 2022.


league of legends lol aurelion sol base skin
Riot Games
Despite his good looks and charming wit, Aurelion Sol has failed to win over LoL’s playerbase.

LoL Aurelion Sol rework: New abilities

While we don’t know much about what this new and improved version of Aurelion Sol will look like, Riot note “we want to emphasize his dragon fantasy, as we don’t think he currently delivers on that part of his persona very well.”

Stating “we also think our new take on his star forging gameplay will be both spectacular to see and more intuitive to play,” this implies that anyone who dares to face this fearsome creature will be seeing stars – literally.


Will Aurelion Sol get a visual rework?

No, Riot have no plans to change how our stunning space dragon looks. Explaining that “the goal of a CGU is to update gameplay,” Riot will “rebuild the champion’s kit from scratch with the same model, theme, and narrative.”

Therefore, only Aurelion Sol’s abilities are being put under the knife; so don’t worry! That sass will still be there.

legends of runeterra league of legends lol card game aurelion sol
Riot Games
Aurelion Sol also features in League of Legends’ spinoff CCG, Legends of Runeterra, despite his poor pick rate.

League of Legends Aurelion Sol rework: Release date

While there’s no specific release date for our favorite dragon’s triumphant return to Summoner’s Rift, Lead Champion Producer, Ryan Mireles and Senior Editorial Writer, Erika Haas, write that the devs are “currently targeting some time at the end of the year” so long as things go to plan.


So that’s everything we know about Aurelion Sol’s League of Legends rework. Looking to keep up to date with all things LoL? Be sure to check out our dedicated main page.