Amumu nerfs target League’s Sad Mummy’s support dominance after rework

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Amumu’s mini-rework mid-way through League of Legends Season 11 brought new life to the Sad Mummy. However, there’s a lot to cry about in LoL patch 11.20 as a new set of nerfs look to tone down his power as a support.

Amumu’s patch 11.17 changes ⁠— released just before Worlds 2021 ⁠— breathed new life into the Sad Mummy. No longer was he relegated to the League of Legends sidelines; Amumu was a power pick across both jungle and support.

However, it’s the latter that’s proven to be a problem for Riot. While he was designed to be a jungler, his new two-charge Q changes have landed better in the latter.

Support Amumu has overtaken jungle as of patch 11.19, holding a 57% play rate when the Sad Mummy is picked compared to 42.1% for jungle. While both roles share similar win rates (53.87% for jungle, 53.72% for support), Amumu is designed as a jungler ⁠— not a support.

“The 2Q change was an objective success in the goals or reducing low elo skew on the champion. He’s currently sitting a tad too high in win rate so just looking to tap that down for both jungle and support,” developer ‘GalaxySmash’ said on Reddit.

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Amumu was hotfixed after the updated Bami’s cinder made him too OP.

Amumu nerfs hit support harder than jungle

Amumu’s LoL patch 11.20 nerfs specifically target his Q, Bandage Toss. The ability was the crux of his patch 11.17 mini-rework, but the power of having two stun charges has proven to be too much.

Riot are lowering its damage and ramping up its mana cost significantly ⁠— from 30 to 50 scaling based on rank to a flat 70. It increases the cost of his two Q combo to 140 at all ranks, and that could be problematic for supports who don’t have access to a blue buff.

The change won’t be in effect at Worlds, but it’ll stop Amumu’s solo queue dominance as the late-season rush begins.

Riot, however, are pleased with how the Amumu rework landed. Even if he’s too strong, the Sad Mummy is now a viable pick in all elos, not just lower ranks.

“Overall I think it was a huge success, he’s getting play at all brackets and the win-rate discrepancy is much smaller. Is he OP? Hell yeah. But that’s a simple one to fix now that we’ve remedied the deeper problem,” developer Ray ‘Ray Yonggi’ Williams said on Reddit.

You can find the full details on Amumu’s LoL patch 11.20 nerfs below.

Amumu nerfs in LoL patch 11.20

Q: Bandage Toss

  • Damage lowered from 70/100/130/160/190 to 70/95/120/145/170
  • Mana cost increased from 30/35/40/45/50 to 70