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6 strongest League champions in Patch 10.18: Elise, Zed, more

Published: 2/Sep/2020 15:11

by James Busby


The League of Legends 10.18 patch has hit live servers, bringing a number of balance changes and bug fixes to the Rift. 

Riot’s latest 10.18 patch has introduced plenty of nerfs and buffs that aim to shake up the current meta champions. After all, every new update brings something different to the table, allowing various champions to shine. There may not be any flashy new champions added in this update, but with Worlds fast approaching, it’s probably for the best. 

However, many pros and casual players alike will be looking to utilize the game’s strongest picks to give them the edge they need to claim that all-important win. In order to help you increase your ranked win rate and kills, we’ve broken down which champs you should be using in the current meta.


Top-lane: Darius

Riot Games
No top-laner has been able to dethrone Darius’ dominant reign.

The Hand of Noxus returns in patch 10.18 and this deadly top-laner continues to swing his deadly axe around, cutting down anyone that dares to stand in his way. Darius’ high damage plays and overall survivability make for a truly lethal combination, especially in late-game team fights where he can use his overall bulk to rush into the backline and instantly kill squishy carries with crushing blows from his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. 

There’s a reason why this top-lane terror currently has a 50.67% win rate and a 39.55% ban rate on the Korean server.

Jungle: Elise

Riot Games
Elise is still creeping around the jungle in patch 10.18.

This eight-legged fiend is no stranger to the dark depths of the jungle, so it’s won’t come as a surprise that Elise has once again cast her web and claimed the top spot. Not only is Elise great in 1v1 fights, she can also heavily influence her team’s lanes. If you have plenty of snowball champions who require a few kills to get going, then Elise is always a great pick. 


While she may lack the tools needed to lock down grouped enemies, her ability to catch targets off-guard is fantastic. Simply throw out her E to stun a single enemy and use her Spiderlings to chew through your enemy’s health. Elise currently has the highest jungle ban rate, so try to prioritize this champion whenever you can. 

Mid-lane: Zed

Riot Games
When this shadowy assassin gets a few kills behind his belt, he can delete multiple foes in the blink of an eye.

Zed has returned to the mid-lane spotlight once again. This shadowy assassin can effortlessly juke opponents with his clones, allowing him to both engage and escape from fights. Having a mid-laner that excels at slipping into the enemy backline and rushing down squishy carries is huge, particularly in late-game team fights. 


Zed only needs a few kills before he begins to snowball out of control. To make matters even better, the 10.14 buff to Living Shadow’s missile speed and cooldown reduction have only increased this mid-laner’s kill potential. With so many carry threats lurking around every position, there’s never been a better time to add Zed to your roster. 

Bot-lane: Caitlyn

Riot Games
Caitlyn excels at poking down her enemies from afar.

Despite receiving a nerf to her movement speed in patch 10.17, Caitlyn is still the best AD carry option for those looking to dominate their foes. In fact, the Sheriff of Piltover currently has a massive 52.03% win rate and 29.08% pick rate. These statistics are not only incredibly impressive, they prove just how devastating Caitlyn is in the current game. 


Caitlyn is one of the safest champion picks in League thanks to her long-range attacks, which allow her to poke her enemies down from afar. If that wasn’t enough, Caitlyn’s auto-attacks have great kill potential due to her Headshot passive. This ability gives the eagle-eyed carry 50% AD bonus to her next basic attack. As a result, crit boosting items work wonders and can quickly melt through even the tankiest of foes.  

Support: Lux

Riot Games
Lux is no stranger to League’s meta spotlight.

Lux is still tearing things up in the bot-lane and her 53.90% win rate puts her firmly at the top of the support rankings. While this masterful mage may not be a conventional support, she does have plenty of tools that make her perfect for the job. The Lady of Luminosity is a great pick for those that want to proactively seek out fights. 


The amount of early-game kills you can get with her Q is crazy, especially when you combo in her E’s AoE slow. If that wasn’t enough, Lux can save her fellow laner with well-timed Prismatic Barrier spells. This ability allows Lux to shield any nearby ally, potentially saving them from lethal damage. Meanwhile, Final Spark can be used to finish off low health enemies or used to engage a fight. If you’re tired of constantly healing your laner or want a champion that can carry, then Lux is your best pick. 

Meta breaker: Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV
Riot Games
Recent buffs have given Jarvan the boost he needs to climb the competitive ladder.

Jarvan has been missing from the competitive scene for a while now. However, buffs to his Q’s base damage could give him the push he needs to juke it out with those at the top. The Exemplar of Demacia has struggled in the early-game, but this damage increase aims to alleviate these issues. Jarvan may not have the highest pick rate in the game (3.91%), but his kit can give teams the advantage they need to turn even the closest of fights in their favor.  

Items like Black Cleaver, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Guardian Angel give Jarvan a lot of survivability, while also increasing his DPS in skirmishes. When you combine this with his excellent engage and lockdown potential, you have a jungler that is hard to stop. Jarvan may not be statistically the best jungler, but he certainly remains a strong pick.

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