40-minute LCK pause ends without resolution after KT Rolster bug

KT vs DK Summer 2022Riot Games Korea

The bug reportedly came about after a stopwatch purchase accidentally reverted the Ornn upgrade on Kim ‘Aiming’ Ha-Ram’s Immortal Shieldbow.

The LCK Summer split has been plagued by bugs and pauses – and the playoffs have been no exception. On August 18, the second game of KT Rolster vs Damwon Kia suffered a 42-minute pause after KT Rolster encountered a bug with upgraded Ornn items.

The bug was noticed when AD Carry Aiming purchased a stopwatch, which somehow caused the Ornn upgraded Bloodward in his inventory to be reverted to its non-upgraded form, Immortal Shieldbow.

According to a statement by KT Rolster, translated by Ashley Kang, a complaint was made by KT during the pause regarding the bug. However, the LCK ruled that because the situation had not been “previously notified”, it would not be recognized as a bug, and the game would continue without a Chronobreak.

Not the only bug of the day

With the LCK refusing to recognize the incident as a bug, KT had to play the rest of the game minus an Ornn item. Unsurprisingly, it resulted in a game loss for KT, from what had initially been a fairly even game state.

And, according to LCK co-streamer Lee ‘Wolf’ Jae-wan, this was not the only bug that occurred within the series. However, the second bug was in KT’s favor – with AD Carry Aiming somehow flashing during an Ahri charm during a base siege in the fourth game of the series.

The fourth game also was not paused for the bug, although it’s unclear whether either team reported that the bug had actually taken place.

The LCK has struggled repeatedly with bugs throughout the Summer split. So much so that new policies were implemented in July after T1 made a formal complaint to the league regarding the handling of a bug in their game versus Hanwha Life.