28 Players and Coaches banned, 2 teams removed from LDL in massive LoL matchfixing scandal

LDL matchfix scandal

A large-scale matchfixing scandal in the LDL resulted in 28 bans, as well as the removal of two organizations from the league. Bans vary in length from 18 months to permanent.

On August 7, 2022, a competitive ruling against Team Orange and TWELVE resulted in a long series of bans against players, managers, and coaches on both teams.

The ruling originally came from a weibo post, and has since been translated by Rita (@cutebchu on twitter), a very active community translator.

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In addition to a translation of the original ruling, she also included a now-deleted post from Jingyi, one of the permanently banned players, as well as the exact rules violated by those who participated in betting and matchfixing.

This ruling is based on the results of a game played on July 10, 2022. After a lengthy investigation conducted by LDL management, the game played between these two teams was ruled to be unfair.

Team Orange against TWELVE. Team Orange came back despite having a severe deficit early, raising questions about the validity of the match.

Team Orange and TWELVE have both had their rights to play in the LDL revoked, and all matches played by these two teams have been erased from the LDL record for the season.

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Additionally, a thorough investigation of the other 22 LDL teams revealed other players involved in matchfixing and betting. These investigations revealed other instances of past matchfixing in the LDL.

In Jingyi’s now deleted Douyu post, he started by saying “I have something to confess to you which is a very bad thing.” In the post, he admitted to a few matches he purposely lost in cooperation with why, another permanently banned player. He was playing on FunPlus Phoenix Blaze at the time.

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Many people have now been banned as a result of the league-wide investigation. The full list of bans from this ruling is as follows:

Name Team Ban Duration
Ying ‘lcberg’ Tian-Ci Team Orange, Player Permanent
Xiang ‘XXX’ Chao Team Orange, Player Permanent
Xu ‘Wynn’ Qing-Bi Team Orange, Player Permanent
Chen ‘V30’ Mei-Jiang Team Orange, Player Permanent
Wong ‘Yuen’ Wing Yuen Team Orange, Player Permanent
Hu ‘712’ Song Team Orange, Coach Permanent
Yu ‘ysj’ Ning-Xi Team Orange, Coach Permanent
Ke Yan-Rong Team Orange, Manager Permanent
Zhang ‘xjx’ Jin-Xiang TWELVE, Player Permanent
Liu ‘lyy’ Yang TWELVE, Player Permanent
Qiu ‘eqq’ Rui-Wen TWELVE, Player Permanent
Liu Xing-Chen TWELVE, Manager Permanent
Yuan Yue TWELVE, Manager Permanent
Wu Si TWELVE, Coach Permanent
Lu ‘Asura’ Qi Qing Jui Club, Player Permanent
Liu ‘Jingyi’ Zi-Yan Free Agent Permanent
Feng ‘why’ Jun-Hao Free Agent Permanent
Shi Yu-Hang Free Agent Permanent
Yan Li Free Agent Permanent
Liu ‘Bob’ Jia-Xin Free Agent 42 Months
You ‘OP’ Chong-Hui Weibo Gaming Youth Team, Manager 42 Months
Zhang ‘coffee’ Jin-Hong Qing Jiu Club, Player 36 Months
Gao ‘Tangwa’ Ya-Ze Royal Club, Player 36 Months
Feng ‘yiyi’ Ming-Yi TWELVE, Player 36 Months
Wang ‘zeze’ Yu-Chen TWELVE, Player 36 Months
Lai ‘Marzss’ Yu-Chen Young Miracles, Player 24 Months
Zhang ‘Fzy’ Xiang-Wen LGD Gaming Youth Team, Player 18 Months
Ma ‘bolin’ Lin Free Agent 18 Months

These bans are global and restrict banned individuals from playing in any Riot or Tencent sanctioned event in any game, both professional and semi-professional.

The LDL is no stranger to matchfixing scandals, with players like Vitality’s Zhou ‘Bo’ Yang-Bo being temporarily banned for being involved with an even bigger scandal in 2021.

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