14-year-old League of Legends streamer breaks all-time League Points record

general sniperGeneral Sniper/Riot Games

Twitch streamer Rayan ‘General Sniper’ Shoura has broken the record for the most amount of solo queue LP ever attained on the North American League of Legends server, at just 14 years old.

League prodigy General Sniper made headlines in November 2020 when he signed with esports organization Cloud9 as a streamer. But right after the announcement, his contract was terminated as the minimum age to be a streamer signed onto a team is 15.

However, this didn’t stop Sniper from continuing to grow his stream and climb to the highest ranks of League solo queue, leading him to hit a milestone nobody has achieved before.

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Pulsefire Riven in TFTRiot Games
General Sniper is a Riven main in League of Legends.

General Sniper breaks LP record

General Sniper hit 1,850 LP on October 22, breaking the all-time record of solo queue League Points on the NA server. The announcement came with excitement and an apology to Team Liquid’s support player CoreJJ, who previously broke the record back in June.

“Highest LP ever in NA!” he tweeted, alongside a screenshot of his score. “Sorry @TLCoreJJ.”

Sniper’s skills at such a young age lead many to believe he will be one of the next great pro players once he reaches the appropriate age to play.

He happens to come from a lineage of League players as his older brother, V1per, is a pro and is currently serving as the Immortals Academy top laner. Both he and his brother are Riven mains – something that seems to run in the family.

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The League wunderkind is also known for his performance in Twitch Rivals, where he helped win the tournament on Tyler1’s team, which was appropriately nicknamed “T1 Toddlers.”

Sniper clearly has a bright future ahead of him in professional gaming, having already stacked up many impressive accomplishments.