100 Thieves’ Cody Sun gives disappointing update on his future in the NA LCS


Following the acquisition of SK Telecom T1 legend Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-si, it looks like 100 Thieves will release Cody Sun into free agency, ending speculative links with a move to OpTic Gaming.

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The Chinese ADC took to Twitter on November 24, revealing that he was “unlikely” to compete in the NA LCS next season, and was looking at options in academies or possibly moving to another region.

To fans, Cody Sun seemed like a desirable pick up to almost any team, given his consistency at the top level, never missing a World championship in his career, not to mention his residency status in the US.

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But, only a year on from headlining 100 Thieves first ever League of Legends roster, and going on to help secure them a place at Worlds 2018, his fortunes suddenly changed.

He was benched for the entirety of 100 Thieves run at Worlds, replaced by Richard “Rikara” Samuel Oh – a decision that confused and even angered some fans, as Cody Sun was not even in attendance at the studio when Team Liquid thrashed their NA rivals.

Rumors spread that a falling out of some kind had occurred in the roster, with Cody Sun not getting along with some of his teammates and vice versa, which, whether true or not, has perhaps contributed to his lack of offers elsewhere.

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As the Bang to 100 Thieves move looked certain, it seemed almost inevitable that Cody Sun would end up with 100 Thieves rival OpTic Gaming, as they look to rebuild for their second season in the LCS.

OpTic’s financial situation is one potential reason that a move for Cody Sun is out of reach, as turmoil continues with parent company Infinite Esports.

Rikara replaced Cody Sun at Worlds 2018, a decision that shocked fans.
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With Bang now on the roster, Rikara – Cody Sun’s surprise replacement at Worlds – has also been allowed to look for options elsewhere, meaning there are two US resident bot laners now available.

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100 Thieves founder Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag avoided ever truly explaining the decision to bench Cody Sun at Worlds 2018, which perhaps inadvertently led to the reputation the player now has, as rumors spread suggesting he was difficult to work with.

Despite this, Cody Sun’s talent, experience and statistical record should be more than enough to secure a spot on at least an academy roster, or else we may see him depart for another region for 2019.