100 Thieves’ Aphromoo leaves fans perplexed after bizarre death vs TSM

Daniel Cleary

League of Legends shot caller and support player Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black appeared to let himself die in a crucial match vs TSM, to the bemusement of viewers.

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100 Thieves’ League of Legends roster have a tough weekend during week 7 of the LCS as they face off against two of the top teams in their region, Cloud9 and TSM.

Only a few weeks out from Spring Playoffs, 100 Thieves find themselves in a race for their spot in St Louis, Missouri and after a tough loss vs TSM, this only makes that run a lot harder to pull off.

100 Thieves sit at last place in the LCS with a 4-9 record.
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100 Thieves have dramatically declined after placing 9-12th at the League of Legends World Championship in early November and currently sit in the last place in the LCS with a 4-9 record, despite the addition of two-time world champion and former SKT player Bae “Bang” Jun-sik.

However, it was Bang’s bot-lane duo Aphromoo who made the blunder in the longest match of the Spring split vs TSM.

During this clip, Aphromoo can be seen standing still in a jungle bush despite being spotted by TSM’s Mid-laner Bjergsen with the aid of the Scryer’s Bloom, a jungle plant which grants a sweeping cone of vision for a brief period for whoever destroys it.

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Many are speculating that Aphromoo might have been calling shots around the map and looked away from his current position which led to him being caught out by Bjergsen. This mistake may have been costly however, as TSM brought the game back and claimed victory despite a strong early game from 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves will need to be flawless during the rest of regular season to be in with a good chance to compete at the Chaifetz Arena for Spring Playoffs and potentially earn their way to the Rift Rivals or Mid Season Invitational events.