Vitality jungler Bo is destroying EU West solo queue

Vitality Bo solo queueRiot Games, Twitter: Team Vitality

Vitality picked up LPL jungler Bo two months ago, and he already looks like one of Europe’s best players just by his solo queue performance.

Bo was a hot commodity in the LPL, and he was picked up by FunPlus Phoenix back in 2021 as their starting jungler. However, after match fixing allegations in February of that year and a full investigation, Bo was suspended until July 1 of that year.

Almost a full year later, Vitality picked up Bo when at the same time they acquired Haru as their starting jungler. While he hasn’t had the opportunity to play on stage yet, Bo’s solo queue track record makes him out to be one of Europe’s best players so far.

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Bo shows a wide champ pool

In the two months since Bo got picked up by Vitality, he’s played just under 300 games of ranked with an astonishingly high win rate of 66%.

On top of that, Bo’s champion pool is very diverse. Bo has played 6 Pantheon games since Pantheon’s jungle clear buffs, and he’s only dropped one game so far.

But Bo’s solo queue win rate on Graves is a staggering 73% across 41 games, meaning he wins almost 3 out of 4 matches with Graves on average.

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Bo grinds solo queue the old-fashioned way

As if all that wasn’t impressive enough, Bo doesn’t have access to a Riot super account due to the fact that he doesn’t have his work visa yet.

Most imported pros receive super accounts with a boosted rank. Bo has managed to be a solo queue menace despite having to spend a lot more time grinding than other pros.

To hit (at the time of writing) rank 3 with a normal LoL account in less than 2 months is no small feat.

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Bo’s solo queue stats are on the verge of record-breaking when it comes to win rate in high MMR. Don’t be surprised to see him at rank 1 soon.

Vitality has turned around their losing record and look like a real force to be reckoned with in the LEC, even without Bo starting for the team. It’s unclear who Vitality will start once Bo gets approved for pro play, but one thing’s for certain: Vitality is sitting on one the best junglers in Europe.

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