LCK announces new protocol after bug-plagued T1 vs Hanwha Life series

The LCK is changing rules regarding pauses after the T1/HLE series.YouTube: LCK Global

After criticism for it’s handling of a bug-plagued match, the LCK has announced a new protocol.

One week ago on July 21, the LCK series between reigning champion T1 and Hanwha Life experienced lengthy delays due to a number of bugs.

The league attempted to resolve the issues in the series with chronobreaks and restarts, and eventually managed to do so, allowing T1 to emerge victorious.

Even though T1 managed to win the series, the LCK’s top team still filed a complaint with the league due to the inconsistency of the rulings regarding when a game would be remade and when it would not.

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In response, the LCK issued new guidelines to handle this issue in the future.

Under the new plan, the LCK will add a 15-second pause immediately before each game to ensure the runes chosen by the player did not change while loading into the game.

This was done in response to T1 ADC Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong’s runes being reset in game two. That match was not remade and was the basis for T1’s complaint.

The second change is that viewers will now be informed of which player executed the pause, what the reason for the pause is, and how far along the referees are towards resolving the issue.

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While bugs are never going to be completely eliminated, it is good that the LCK is adding new measures to ensure that the process for resolving issues is a lot smoother and more transparent for teams and viewers.