Pro League of Legends tournament flooded out in massive ceiling leaks

LoL tournament cancelled floodingLLA | Twitter

The LLA playoffs are well underway to prove which Latin American LoL team is going to worlds. However, today’s matches were cut short due to massive water leaks from the ceiling.

It’s been a rough day for the LLA (Liga Latinoamérica 2022). The first playoffs match, Rainbow7 vs. Team Aze, was immediately cut short.

This set was between the first and second place Latin American LoL teams, and would have been a preview of what the LLA’s top teams can really do.

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Unfortunately, 2 minutes into the match, players were cut short through a failure that had nothing to do with gameplay or those completing, leading into an unprecedented and long pause.

A rainy day for League of Legends competitors

After an hour-long wait, a short statement was made on the broadcast and all planned matches for the day were postponed.

As it turns out, this wasn’t a result of an in-game issue or anything of that nature. Rather, water was leaking from the ceiling and falling directly onto the Latin American LoL players, creating an unsafe and annoying competition environment.

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All in-person attendees had to leave, and competitors had to delay the day’s matches. Fortunately, both teams were able to work together and play the games remotely.

League of Legends tournaments have a history of issues

League of Legends has seen its fair share of strange pauses over the years. From game-breaking bugs to players accidentally spilling water on their keyboards, matches have been delayed and postponed for all sorts of reasons.

But it’s safe to say players being rained out of an indoor venue is a new one.

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What’s more, this venue is the very same one that will be hosting Worlds play-ins. Having the LLA get delayed is very unfortunate for these players, but having the entirety of Worlds get delayed could be a very real possibility if they can’t find a new venue or fix the leaks.

Hopefully the LLA are able to sort out this issue so we can resume Playoffs in-person, and so that Worlds doesn’t have similar interruptions.

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