Tfue, Aceu, and Mendo win Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals: full results, more

Hyper Scape Twitch RivalsUbisoft / Twitch

Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s new battle royale, is celebrating its public beta launch with a Twitch Rivals event, featuring some of the platform’s top streamers as they battle it out for the Crown on Neo Arcadia as well as $100,000.

Hyper Scape has launched. After the Ubisoft Forward conference on July 12, the new battle royale title has left closed beta and is now open for everyone to enjoy.

To celebrate the occasion, Twitch and Ubisoft put on a show. Twitch Rivals made a return for the new battle royale, giving viewers on the platform even more interaction than altering the game state through Crown Cast.

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Plus, you can get a special deployment pod just by watching, even if you missed the event.

Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals stream

The Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals tournament will be primarily streamed on the Twitch Rivals channel. For your convenience, we’ve embedded it below. Individual streamers will also be sharing their POVs.

Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals format

The format was similar to previous Twitch Rivals tournaments held for battle royales like Fortnite and Warzone. 20 teams of Trios had 2.5 hours to set three scores in public lobbies to try and qualify for the top four.

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Points were heavily skewed towards wins, not just placements. While players got a point for every kill in a game, a win netted them 15 points. Every team needed three big wins to even be considered for the top four finals.

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Speaking of the finals, the top four teams were given an extra hour to set another high score to determine the winner at the end of the near four-hour event.

Hyper Scape Twitch Rivals results

North America

Tfue and his squad featuring former Apex pros Mendo and aceu were a late entry to the North America bracket, but they made their presence known almost immediately. The battle royale veterans dominated the tournament, taking home first place with ease.

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The more exciting race was the battle for second, featuring DrLupo and former Overwatch pro Seagull. Despite only managing to make it into the top four through a tie-breaker, Seagull’s squad bridged the gap in the bonus round to take home second, with DrLupo rounding out the podium

Place Team Players Points Prize Money
1 Team Tfue Tfue, aceu, Mendo 264 $23,800
2 Team A_Seagull A_Seagull, dummy, clockwork 246 $18,100
3 Team DrLupo DrLupo, Fl0m, NinjaWithNoL 244 $15,200
4 Team Aniemal Aniemal, feedurrr, Midnightson 235 $10,500
5 Team TSM_Viss TSM_Viss, SolidFPS, TannerSlays 182 $8,700
6 Team SypherPK SypherPK, HighDistortion, iSkys 172 $6,000
7 Team Lil_Lexi Lil_Lexi, Lyraa, Seamoose 157 $4,500
8 Team Electra Electra, Aydren, KP5ive 157 $3,000
9 Team FooYa FooYa, Catziilla, Keitiii 155 $1,500
10 Team FATAL1ITY FATAL1TY, SniperNamedG, chappie 152 $1,200
11 Team TheDanDangler TheDanDangler, rxysurfchic, D3n7y $900
12 Team Sly Sly, TwoTapsTony, GunGuyGrant $900
13 Team MacieJay MacieJay, OMGItsPriest, CrossArchon $900
14 Team brofishtv brofishtv, LuckyShots, OfficerStealth $900
15 Team HCJustin HCJustic, unrulybabs, KalamityTV $900
16 Team Missclick_live Missclick_live, MagikMyke11, Moczy $600
17 Team Holo Holo, Lawler, 7oxx $600
18 Team BigCheeseKit BigCheeseKit, Teknikalx, SpaceManVick $600
19 Team FeralWife FeralWife, FeyRazzle, Sasslyn $600
20 Team MsTeamKK MsTeamKK, Realzman, swoly $600
21 Team Caliverse Caliverse, 5hizzle, ProfessorBroman $600


Europe was a tighter two horse race between Pow3rtv and Wisethug. Pow3rtv came into the bonus round behind their foes, but managed to put up a huge 69 point round to overtake them.

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Wisethug weren’t able to bridge the gap, falling two points shy of adding another few thousand to their prize purse.

Place Team Players Points Prize Money
1 Team Pow3rtv Pow3rtv, ItsLomba, Delux 252 $21,700
2 Team Wisethug Wisethug, Cyqop, Oraxe 250 $19,100
3 Team StreamiiiTV StreamiiiTV, DragonEddyOW, Tia714y_ 246 $15,300
4 Team Skyyart Skyyart, Robi, Mickalow 231 $11,700
5 Team Potxeca Potxeca, Fusiow, asking_ow 173 $8,500
6 Team Lost Lost, Maihopawango, Spoonpai 171 $6,000
7 Team Makina Makina, Winghaven, Fesbak 170 $4,500
8 Team PsiSyn PsiSyn, contraban, stokele 159 $3,000
9 Team Acemodai Acemodai, Degun, Nanak 151 $1,500
10 Team Trymacs Trymacs, xHankyy, Rumathra 147 $1,200
11 Team P4wnyhof P4wnyhof, GaGOD, UnrealYuki $900
12 Team Verz Verz, therealkenzo, tejbz $900
13 Team PietSmiet PietSmiet, Dhalucard, asmoogl $900
14 Team bstaaard bstaaard, NNarcos, Rainbow6Itacom $900
15 Team Yelenna Yelenna, Chipsette_fr, ZarokkTV $900
16 Team MeLoOniE MeLoOnie, Mr_Marzy, NotColln $600
17 Team Snedger Snedger, BikiniBohdi, Griefdrums $600
18 Team HuzzyGames HuzzyGames, Vicksy, Bizzleberry $600
19 Team TweaK TweaK, Oddbawz, SheriffEli $600
20 Team Illojuan Illojuan, Knekro, g4g_revenant $600

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