Ironmouse addresses harassment of Silvervale amid Hogwarts Legacy backlash

Twitch: Ironmouse

VShojo streamer Ironmouse addresses the harassment fellow Vtuber Silvervale faced during their recent Hogwarts Legacy stream in which the content creator was reduced to tears. 

Hogwarts Legacy is deep into its release and has come out to positive reviews, but it came with a deluge of harassment of content creators just streaming the game. 

The game was immediately surrounded by controversy from the get-go due to creator of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling being accused of transphobic comments, which she denies.

Despite streamers and players boycotting the game, many streamers still wanted to play 2023’s biggest game. But streamers have been harassed for just playing the game. 

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Streaming couple Girlfriend Reviews was one of the first notable examples of a streamer being harassed over the game. And just a few days ago, Silvervale too was harassed over the game. 

In an emotional broadcast, VTuber Silvervale was brought to tears after a “hate mob” harassed after it was thought she banned the word “trans” and “gay” during a stream of Hogwarts Legacy. 

In reality, words like those fall under the level 2 moderation filter because they are regularly used to incite harassment on Twitch. 

Fellow VShojo streamer Ironmouse defended Silvervale from the harassment she received. 

She said of the matter, ”there’s a lot of blind hatred going on out there, which is ridiculous.” She continues, “No one deserves to be harassed, no one deserves to be attacked, no one deserves to feel threatened.” 

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Ironmouse is not the first streamer to call out Hogwarts Legacy boycotters. Like likes of xQc and Hasan Piker have also spoken out against those who have been attacking streamers.