How to get Shrivel Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy

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Before players can brew many of Hogwarts Legacy’s powerful potions, they will need to get their hands on necessary ingredients like Shrivelfig Fruit. Here’s how players can find and grow their own.

There are plenty of tools in Hogwarts Legacy that can help students during their adventure, including a variety of helpful potions like Thunderbrew Potion and Felix Felicis.

However, there are quite a few steps before players can easily make these potions. Naturally, one of the most important steps is to obtain the necessary ingredients required to brew these potions.

One of those essential ingredients is called Shrivelfig Fruit, a main ingredient in one of the best combat-oriented potions: Thunderbrew Potion. Here’s everything players need to know about collecting their own Shrivelfig Fruit for future potion brewing.

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Where to find or buy Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways that students can acquire Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy. The first way to obtain this ingredient is by simply purchasing it at The Magic Neep store in Hogsmeade.

You can find the Magic Neep on the west side of Hogsmeade just past J. Pippin’s Potions. The shopkeeper will sell Shrivelfig Fruit for 150 Galleons a piece. Additionally, students can purchase Shrivelfig Seeds for 450 Galleons.

hogwarts legacy shrivefig fruitAvalanche Software
Students can buy Shrivelfig Fruit from the Magic Neep in Hogsmeade.

With Shrivelfig Seeds, players can plant their own renewable Shrivelfig plants after unlocking the Room of Requirement. To do so, players must own the conjuration books for either the Medium Plant Pot or Large Plant Pot, both of which can be purchased at Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade.

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What does Shrivelfig Fruit do in Hogwarts Legacy?

Shrivelfig Fruit is a primary ingredient in Thunderbrew Potions. These helpful potions conjure storm clouds around the player which can stun large groups of enemies during combat.

hogwarts legacy thunderbrew potion recipeAvalanche Software
Shrivefig Fruit is used to make Thunderbrew Potion.

Thunderbrew Potion requires one Leech Juice, one Shrivelfig Fruit, and one Stench of the Dead to brew. It will then take one minute and 30 seconds to finish brewing.

And that’s everything witches and wizards at Hogwarts need to know about finding Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy! Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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