How to get Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops: Merlin’s Cloak & more

Hogwarts Legacy character pointing wand upwards next to Twitch logo.Avalanche/Twitch

Hogwarts Legacy has five exclusive items available via Twitch Drops that you can get your hands on for a limited time. Here’s what you need to know. 

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy has finally come around, with millions of gamers from around the world jumping in and looking to live out their Harry Potter fantasies. 

As the game allows you to pop yourself right into the wizarding world, there are plenty of customization options on offer, so you don’t just have to don the colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw while you’re out and about. 

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Many of these items are unlockable through challenges, and others are purchasable at shops in Hogsmeade, but there will also be five exclusive items that you can only get through Twitch Drops. 

How to get Hogwarts Legacy launch Twitch drops 

That’s right, Hogwarts Legacy will be getting involved with Twitch Drops for the early part of its release cycle, as you can claim drops from streamers and Avalanche themselves. 

Four of the five drops will be available from streamers who are playing the game with drops enabled. You have to have a WB Games account connected to your Twitch profile and then watch these streamers for around two hours in total to collect all four. 

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These drops will be available from February 7 through to February 25, so you have plenty of time to get your hands on them!

  1. Connect your WB Games account to your Twitch profile
  2. Head over to any Hogwarts Legacy stream with the ‘drops enabled’ tag
  3. Watch the stream for around 2 hours and claim the drops in your Twitch inventory
  4. Enjoy the new items!

How to get Merlin’s Cloak Twitch drop for Hogwarts Legacy

The other big item available to players through the drops system is Merlin’s Cloak. It’s a glittery outfit that is sure to boost your magic in a big way.  Though, this will be a little more exclusive than the others. 

Instead of watching any Hogwarts Legacy stream, you’ll have to tune into one of the streams from Avalanche themselves for at least 20 minutes. The next of these is happening on Friday, February 24 at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST/10 pm GMT, and 11 pm CEST.

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As time goes on, we may see a Hogwarts Legacy dip into the Twitch Drops system again, so we’ll update this article if they do.