How to fix Hogwarts Legacy blue characters issue

blue character in hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy blue characters are irritating players and if you have been affected, there is an easy fix for the issue. Our guide will show you how to change your blue character in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Harry Potter game that long-time fans have been craving is finally here and the open-world extravaganza of Hogwarts Legacy allows players to act out their greatest desires in the wizarding world.

From flying brooms to crafting potions, all the wondrous elements of the world of Harry Potter can pretty much be found in Hogwarts Legacy. Avalanche Studios also give players a lot of freedom to customize their wizard or witch how they see fit, but making their character completely blue is likely not an intentional one.

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If this problem is happening to you in and you want to know how to fix it, then we have a solution that should ease your woes.

How to fix Hogwarts Legacy blue characters

If you want to fix the Hogwarts Legacy blue characters issue, you need to turn off “High Contrast Gameplay”, which is an accessibility option.

Accessibility settings are becoming more and more prevalent in modern-day gaming to rightfully be inclusive to all gamers who need certain features to be able to enjoy a game to its fullest.

Hogwarts Legacy has a bunch of accessibility settings, and High Contrast is a useful feature that allows players to distinguish their character better from the rest of the background, on-screen text, and more.

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How to turn off high contrast setting

Here’s a mini rundown on how to turn off this setting:

  1. Head into Hogwarts Legacy’s menu.
  2. Find and click on the Settings option.
  3. Locate Accessibility Settings.
  4. Look for High Contrast Gameplay and press on it until it is off.

Hopefully, your created character should now look like their normal self, if you don’t need the setting to be enabled.

That wraps up our quick and easy Hogwarts Legacy blue character guide, and if you want even more knowledge about the game, we have plenty of other guides for you to check out below:

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