Hogwarts Legacy protestors are hijacking the game’s hashtag with spoilers

Hogwarts Legacy spoilersYouTube: Hogwarts Legacy

Following the initial release of Hogwarts Legacy, those who are protesting the game have taken to Twitter to releasing major spoilers the ending of the new release.

Disclaimer, we will be discussing potential Hogwarts Legacy plot points, so spoilers ahead.

The lead up and discourse surrounding the recent video game Hogwarts Legacy has been filled with controversy, with many choosing to boycott the game. This stance being a result of the Harry Potter book series J.K Rowling being accused of transphobic comments – which she denies.

The Harry Potter author has been accused of making transphobic comments on multiple occasions over the past few years.

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LGBTQ+ media charity GLAAD has created a list of comments made by Rowling to support the argument that she is transphobic. However, the main point of contention in regards to this issue comes from an essay Rowling published on June 10, 2020, that listed “five reasons for being worried about the new trans activism”.

As a result, Hogwarts Legacy boycotters have been encouraging others in the gaming community – as well as general Harry Potter fans – to avoid purchasing the new game. This includes avoiding watching streamers who are playing through the game and in some instances, disrupting their live chat with comments.

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Now however, boycotters have taken to revealing major spoilers about the game, using the official Twitter hashtag to spread these details as far and as wide as possible. To avoid spoiling the ending in this piece, the tweets will not be shown but for those interested in seeing the kind of spoilers being published on Twitter, two examples can be accessed here and here.

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