Hogwarts Legacy transmog system: How to hide gear & change your appearance

hogwarts legacy gear menu headerAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy players will earn plenty of gear throughout their adventure that can be customized and hidden through a transmog system. Here’s how to easily hide gear and customize it to your liking.

As a role-playing action game, Hogwarts Legacy offers players plenty of ways to customize their character over the course of the adventure.

Early on, players will notice that each piece of gear they earn will have different stats and attributes that raise one’s overall Health, Attack, and Defense. However, while certain pieces of gear may offer significant stat boosts, some players may not like how it looks on their character.

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Thankfully, the game allows players to hide gear completely or change its appearance to another piece of gear as long as it’s in the gear collection. So, here’s everything witches and wizards need to know about customizing gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to hide gear in Hogwarts Legacy

First, players must navigate to the menu where all of their gear is located. By pausing the game, you will be brought to a menu of icons arranged in a circle, with ‘Gear’ located at the top left.

After clicking on the ‘Gear’ sections, you will see a menu with each piece of equipable gear: including handwear, hats, robes, and outfits.

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the pause menu in hogwarts legacyAvalanche Software
By pausing Hogwarts Legacy, players can bring up a menu with each different tab arranged in a circle—including the gear tab.

You can hide any piece of gear with the following steps:

  1. Move the cursor over the piece of gear you want to hide.
  2. Press the button to change appearance (‘Square’ on PlayStation, ‘X’ on Xbox).
  3. Under ‘Collections,’ select the icon with the circle-backslash symbol on it.

After doing so, that piece of gear will not appear on your player model. This applies to every piece of gear, including face wear, neckwear, and clothes.

How to change gear appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

Those fans who have purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of the game and received the Dark Arts gear collection may wonder how to equip their new cosmetics.

Well, similar to how hiding gear works, players can change gear appearance in the same menu. Players should see their gear separated between ‘Collections’ and ‘Other.’

hogwarts legacy change gear appearance screenshotAvalanche Software
Players can change each piece of gear’s appearance as long as they have collected it already.

To change specific gear appearance, players simply need to select the cosmetic they would like to change into, and their character will wear it. It’s worth noting that ‘Collections’ are special pieces of gear usually earned through completing sidequests, Collections, or purchasing DLC.

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Additionally, gear found under ‘Other’ refers to the random gear found from looting chests throughout the open world. Though the two are separated, the only real difference between them are cosmetic in nature.

And that’s everything witches and wizards at Hogwarts need to know about hiding gear and changing its appearance in Hogwarts Legacy! Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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