Hogwarts Legacy: How to defeat Hogsmeade Troll boss

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Hogsmeade bossAvalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

The Hogsmeade Troll boss in Hogwarts Legacy is the first challenging encounter you’ll face in the wizarding world, so we’ve got some spells and tricks you can use to make the fight easier.

The world of Hogwarts Legacy may be charming and beautiful, but it’s filled with threats that can surface out of nowhere.

So, after being advised by Professor Weasley to visit Hogsmeade and replenish their school supplies, a lot of students will be surprised to come face to face with a powerful troll.

While this encounter isn’t hugely challenging, the Hogsmeade Troll does dish out a lot of damage if you don’t avoid its hefty attacks.

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Luckily, there are a few tips & tricks you can use to tear down the Hogsmeade Troll in Hogwarts Legacy and save the settlement from ruin.

Troll boss Hogwarts LegacyAvalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games
The Hogsmeade Troll is the first boss encounter in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to beat Hogsmeade Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

During the ‘Welcome to Hogsmeade’ quest you’ll encounter a Troll boss fight and while you will be accompanied by another student, you’ll have to deal the majority of the damage on your own.

As this battle happens so early into the game, you’ll be limited with the number of spells you have. It’s worth noting that the Troll is immune to Accio and Levioso, so don’t waste time attempting to cast these spells

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Instead, focus on basic attacking the beast and dishing out as much damage as possible. The Troll’s attacks are telegraphed so wait for it to charge and then use a dodge roll to avoid its attacks. Also, remember to keep your distance to avoid its AoE smash ability.

Finally, if you want to maximize your damage, use your dodge rolls to get behind the troll. Hitting this boss from behind does increased damage, and allows you to melt its health bar with ease.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Hogsmeade bossAvalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games
The troll is immune to Levioso and Accio.

If you do get hit by consecutive attacks, remember you can use Wiggenweld Potions to regenerate your health quickly.

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Putting these techniques into practice will guarantee that you take down the Troll, even if it does take you a few attempts.

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