Harry Potter fans delighted as Peeves found tormenting students in Hogwarts Legacy

peeves in hogwarts legacyPortkey Games

Harry Potter fans were ecstatic when they learned they would get to see Peeves on their screens for the first time in Hogwarts Legacy, and that’s been amplified even more as gameplay footage of him getting up to classic Peeves high jinks has come out.

Peeves has long been a fan-favorite character of Harry Potter fans, and have always been disappointed that the prankster poltergeist was left out of the films.

He always provides some comic relief in the books, tormenting the less-likable teachers such as Professors Umbridge and Filch, as well as penning the iconic “Voldy’s gone moldy” lyrics in Deathly Hallows.

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Now, though, with some gameplay starting to come out, we’re seeing exactly what Peeves adds to Hogwarts Legacy — and it’s exactly what you would expect, as he can be found tormenting students around Hogwarts, causing mayhem, and just being a general nuisance.

Peeves in Hogwarts Legacy

Many of the responses to TmarTn’s tweet were as happy to see Peeves in action in Hogwarts Legacy as he was, too.

One reply was celebrating it, saying that Peeves was “one of the main things missing from the movies.”

Another said that they “hope the game has a lot of stuff like this,” with these details making Hogwarts itself “special.”

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Others toyed with the idea of befriending Peeves for their own wicked ways around Hogwarts.

Whether you actually can befriend Peeves for such activities remains to be seen, as does whether he has a bigger involvement in the storyline than simply tormenting other students.

Of course, not all of the discourse around this has been positive, considering the controversy surrounding Hogwarts Legacy and Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, and additions like this won’t convince many critics to change their minds.