Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the Halls of Herodiana puzzles

screenshot featuring the halls of herodiana puzzles quest in hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games

In case you’re worried about the Halls of Herodiana puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, don’t worry. We have you covered with everything required to solve the puzzles.

The Halls of Herodiana puzzles are a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy from which you can earn both XP and gold. However, solving the three puzzles in this quest can be quite tricky unless you’re aware of what you need to do.

Even taking up this quest can be a little challenging unless you know which NPC you need to interact with. Having said that, our guide will not only guide you through all of this but also provide you with precise steps to solve all three puzzles using the Depulso and the Accio spells.

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However, before jumping into that, we also have a plethora of guides to make your life easier in Hogwarts Legacy. Be it learning Unforgivable Cursesunlocking the Room of Requirement, or changing your equipped spells, we have you covered. Having said that, let’s dive in and check out everything that you need to know about completing the Halls of Herodiana quest in the game.

How to start the Halls of Herodiana quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

screenshot featuring the entrance to halls of herodiana in hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games
Use Depulso on this wall to reveal the entrance to Halls of Herodiana in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Halls of Herodiana side quest becomes available for you only after completing a certain point in Hogwarts Legacy’s main quest. Once you have completed Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 and have learned the Depulso spell, you will be able to start this side quest in the game.

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In order to begin the Halls of Herodiana side quest, you will have to go to the Charms Classroom inside Hogwarts Castle. You can either walk to the location or use the Foo Flame fast travel point. Once at the location, you will find Sophronia Franklin there. At this point, you need to walk up to Sophronia and interact with the NPC. Sophronia will offer you the quest and it will begin as soon as you accept it.

How to solve the Halls of Herodiana puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy?

Before you can start solving the puzzles for this side quest, you will need to locate the hidden entrance to the Halls of Herodiana. You can find this on the ground floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower, located to the south of the exit leading to the Transfiguration Courtyard. You will have to use the Depulso spell on the middle block of the red marble wall to uncover the hall’s entrance.

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Once inside the hall, you will have to solve three puzzles in order to retrieve Herodiana’s outfit from the three chests. Solving all three of these puzzles will require you to follow a series of steps in perfect order. Having said that, here’s how you can solve the Halls of Herodiana puzzles and complete this side quest in Hogwarts Legacy:

First Puzzle

screenshot featuring the first puzzle in the Halls of Herodiana quest in Hogwarts Legacy.Portkey Games
The first puzzle in the Halls of Herodiana quest in Hogwarts Legacy is fairly simple.
  • Use Depulso to push the two movable blocks toward the eastern wall.
  • Climb up on top of the walls to reach the door above the blocks.
  • Open the chest to claim the first piece of Herodiana’s outfit

Second Puzzle

screenshot featuring the second puzzle in the halls of herodiana quest in hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games
The second puzzle is a little tricky but can be solved with a little bit of patience and caution.
  • Use Depulso on the single block on the second level to push it towards the west.
  • Move to the top of the line of non-movable stone blocks and cast Accio on the movable block at the ground level to pull the movable blocks over to the line of blocks on the ground.
  • Jump on top of the blocks to climb up to the next platform.
  • Open the chest on the higher platform to claim the second piece of Herodiana’s outfit.

Third Puzzle

screenshot featuring the third puzzle in the halls of herodiana quest in hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games
The third puzzle is the most challenging in this series and will require a lot of patience to solve.
  • Use Accio to pull nearby blocks to the southern wall.
  • Cast Depulso on the blocks to push them towards the switch.
  • Use Accio again to pull nearby blocks to the northern wall and climb on top of it.
  • Jump across the blocks to reach the other ledge of the northern wall and activate the switch to reset all the blocks.
  • Cast Accio to pull the blocks all the way to the eastern and the northern wall to create a path for you to jump across and climb the wall.
  • Open the chest after jumping across the blocks and reaching the wall to claim the third and final piece of Herodiana’s outfit.

Once you have completed all three puzzles, you will be able to head back to Sophronia and interact with the NPC. At this point, the NPC will ask to see Herodiana’s outfit and you can choose to ask for a fee to earn some Gold from this side quest. Even if you don’t ask for the fee, you will still receive a certain amount of XP for completing the quest.

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So, there you have it, that’s all you need to know about the Halls of Herodiana quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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