Can you become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Players are already sinking their teeth into Hogwarts Legacy, picking their house and running around the ancient wizarding school while seeking to learn as much magic as possible and eliminate their foes. But can you advance your magical education even further to become an Animagus?

In the wizarding world, becoming an Animagus is the act of learning to take on the form of a specific animal, with Animagi capable of doing so at the flick of a wand, seamlessly and without issue.

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Animagi all have to be registered with the Ministry of Magic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they do. While the likes of Minerva McGonagall went the legal route, many learned to become Animagi without declaring it, such as James Potter, Sirius Black, and Rita Skeeter.

It’s a form of magic that takes a lot of time to learn, and can be very dangerous if it goes wrong, way beyond the talents of a fifth-year. But does that actually stop your character in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy Animagus

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Animagi can take on the form of any major they like in the wizarding world.

To put it bluntly, no, you can not make your character become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy.

As mentioned above, it’s incredibly difficult magic to learn, and it’s not often you’ll find students able to transform as Animagi at the age of 15.

In fact, Animagi aren’t even on the Hogwarts curriculum in Harry Potter (though that might not be accurate in the late-19th century, where Hogwarts Legacy is set).

It would fall under the Transfiguration banner, and that subject is taught by Professor Matilda Weasley, who would likely mainly tackle Vanishing spells and Switching spells, among other things relevant to students’ Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs).

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There is an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy

Warning: Spoilers ahead

While Animagus’ aren’t on the Hogwarts syllabus, there is actually one student that you’ll become very familiar with who is an Animagus: Natsai Onai, or Natty.

The Gryffindor student, who transferred from Ugandan wizarding school Uagadou, has mastered self-transfiguration, turning into a gazelle as she wishes, though she does admit that she is discouraged from using it at Hogwarts.

She even describes the process of becoming an Animagus, which begs the question, could Animagi come to Hogwarts Legacy as DLC in the future?

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So, while you can’t become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy right now, there’s still a whole lot you can do. Be sure to check out our guides below to get the most out of your game:

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