Best Hogwarts Legacy wand builds: Dragon Heartstring, Unicon Hair & Phoenix Feather

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During your time in Hogwarts, you will need to pick a unique wand before you do any magic. There are 3 different cores, the Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather, each one produces a unique wand. Here are our best wand builds for each of them in Hogwarts Legacy.

A scene straight out of Harry Potter movies allows players of Hogwarts Legacy the chance to find, or rather to create for the sake of gameplay, the perfect wand.

After choosing your house at Hogwarts, the next step for any wizard or witch is to make their way to Hogsmeade where they get the chance to make their very first wand.

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Remember, there are no returns in the game‘s wand store, so you only get one chance to construct it. So, let’s take a look at the best builds you can use.

Best Hogwarts Legacy wand builds and what they do

Here, we’re going to run through three really eye-catching designs, customized for each of the core options you can choose from for your Hogwarts Legacy wand:

Dragon Heartstring build

dragon heartstring build hogwarts legacy wandWB Games
Here is our best Hogwarts Legacy wand build with the Dragon Heartstring core.

Using the Dragon Heartstring core, which is good for strong magic, we have chosen the following specifications for the build:

  • Wand style: Stalk
  • Wood: Dark Brown
  • Flexibility: Supple
  • Length: 10 inches

Mirroring the shape of a long, bumpy dragon, the edgy stalk design with dark wood fits the bill. If you see a dragon, though, you will want to flick your wand out fast – so something short and flexible is ideal.

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Unicorn Hair build

hogwarts legacy wand Unicorn Hair buildWB Games
Here is our Hogwarts Legacy wand build with the Unicorn Hair core.

Using the Unicorn Hair core, which is good for consistent magic, we have chosen the following specifications for the build:

  • Wand style: Soft Spiral
  • Wood: Light Brown
  • Flexibility: Hard
  • Length: 12 inches

We’ve decided to go for the unicorn-inspired look here, faintly resembling the core of the wand with a unicorn horn shape to it. The light color and curvy design, with the soft spiral, is a great fit.

Phoenix Feather build

hogwarts legacy phoenix feather wand buildWB Games
Here is our Hogwarts Legacy wand build for the Phoenix Feather core.

Using the Phoenix Feather core, which is good for producing a great range of magic, we have chosen the following specifications for the build:

  • Wand style: Natural
  • Wood: Grey
  • Flexibility: Brittle
  • Length: 12 and a half inches

Finally, the phoenix model. This time we decided to go with a frame with a solid grip on it, exactly like you would see from a Phoenix Feather wand in the movies, and a nice grey color to boot.

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Hogwarts Legacy wands: Which core should I choose?

From the three core options – Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather – there is no difference in terms of performance in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning you can choose any of the three.

These are merely cosmetic options, so don’t worry about choosing the weakest of the three, for example. Each core performs just as well as its counterparts.

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