Best Hogwarts Legacy character builds: Spells, talents & upgrades

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Hogwarts Legacy offers players plenty of character customization options like spell upgrades and talent trees. Here’s how fans can build their character to be the strongest witch or wizard attending Hogwarts.

As an action role-playing game, Hogwarts Legacy offers players a plethora of different upgrades as they progress through the game and level up their character.

Fans can invest in different talent trees to focus on stealth, overall spell damage, ancient magic proficiency, and so much more. However, it’s a fact that some abilities are simply stronger in combat than others.

As such, this guide will help players to build the strongest character they can with the customizable tools found within Hogwarts Legacy, from Spell upgrades to Talent trees.

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Best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a wide array of spells for players to use both during and outside of combat, with players eventually unlocking the ability to wield 16 of these spells at once during a fight.

However, some spells are certainly more useful in a fight than others. Here are a handful of the most useful spells in Hogwarts Legacy in no particular order.

  • Petrificus Totalus – While this spell is only available when in Stealth, any spell that can defeat an enemy in one burst quickly is an extremely helpful spell to invest in. Especially when using a Stealth build is already extremely powerful
  • Confringo – The Blasting Curse is an extremely helpful long-range spell that deals damage over time. This spell becomes even more useful once it’s upgraded in the Talent menu.
  • Expelliarmus – The Disarming Charm is also incredibly useful, as an enemy without a weapon poses much less of a threat. Thanks to it’s
  • Accio – Accio is one of the most useful Force spells thanks to its short cooldown and utility. Hitting enemies with spells will always push them away from you, so bringing them back into the fray with Accio is extremely helpful.
  • Arresto Momentum – The Slowing Charm is perhaps the most useful Control spell as it not only levitates foes but slows their movement as well. Upgrading this spell through the Dark Arts talent is also quite beneficial.

Finally, special mention should go to the three Unforgivable Curses: Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio. These three spells are all extremely powerful in combat.

Avada Kedavra Hogwarts Legacy Killing CurseAvalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games
Avada Kedavra can kill enemies instantly in Hogwarts Legacy.

Of course, some players may not want to use them for various reasons, and the game can be played freely without using any of them. However, those who want to embrace the Dark Arts will find three of the most powerful spells in the game.

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Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s important to note that you cannot currently respec your character in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning the Talents you choose can’t be changed.

hogwarts legacy talents screenshotAvalanche Software
There are five Talent trees available in Hogwarts Legacy.

As such, the Talents listed below are ones that players should either prioritize or at least consider when spending their limited Talent Points. You will have access to 35 Talen Points in total and 48 Talents overall. That means 13 Talents will need to be left behind.

Here are a handful of the strongest Talents in Hogwarts Legacy in no particular order:

Best Core Talents

  • Spell Knowledge 1, 2, 3 – These three talents allow you to access three additional Spell Diamonds to use in combat, meaning players can equip and switch between 16 different spells on the fly.
  • Wiggenweld Potency 1, 2 – These spells increase the effectiveness with which Wiggenweld Potions heal you. Having one potion heal you to full health is extremely useful when combat gets particularly hectic.
  • Basic Cast Mastery – This talent allows Basic Cast impacts to shorten spell cooldowns. As the Basic Cast is the bread and butter of Hogwarts Legacy’s combat and will be something players use in every single fight, this spell is all but essential.
  • Basic Cast Airborne Absorption – Another Basic Cast improvement, this Talent boosts the Ancient Magic meter more with every Basic Cast that hits an airborne enemy. As many spells levitate opponents in the air, this Talent is quite powerful.
  • Stupefy Mastery/Expertise – While these two Talents do different things, both are very useful. Stupefy Mastery causes enemies hit with Stupefy to remain stunned for longer, while Expertise causes Stupefy to deal direct damage to enemies.

Best Spell + Dark Arts Talents

While all Spell Talents have their own uses, there are a handful that stand out among the rest:

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  • Accio Mastery – Allows enemies near a target to also be summoned with Accio. Helps to stall more enemies at once and take them out of combat briefly.
  • Confringo Mastery – Confringo impacts produce fiery bolts that seek out targets. Simply adds more utility to one of the best Damaging spells.
  • Bombarda Mastery – Widens the impact of Bombarda with the potential to send multiple enemies flying. Bombarda is also a great damaging spell and this upgrade can displace multiple enemies at once.

Again, it’s worth noting that the Dark Arts Talent tree is overall very useful, as the three Unforgivable Curses are arguably the strongest spells in the game. Purchasing the Talents related to those three curses are recommended if players are using those spells.

Additionally, Blood Curse, Disarming Curse, Slowing Curse, and Stunning Curse are useful Talents to pick up as well. Considering Expelliarmus, Stupefy, and Arresto Momentum are such strong spells on their own, those using the Dark Arts will find extra utility in these upgrades.

It’s important to note that the Dark Arts Talent Tree is available to all players whether they choose to align that way or not.

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Other Noteworthy Talents

  • Focus Potion Potency (Room of Requirement) – Focus Potions are very powerful and this Talent makes them even stronger.
  • Maxima Potion Potency (Room of Requirement) – Allows spells cast after drinking a Maxima Potion to do more damage and even break enemy shields.
  • Invisibility Potion Potency (Room of Requirement) – As the Invisibility Potion is essentially a ‘Get Out of Jail Free card,’ making these invaluable potions last longer is very useful. Especially if players are relying on a Stealth build.

Best Character builds in Hogwarts Legacy

Basic Spell Master build

Best Spells: Expelliarmus, Accio, Arresto Momentum, Confringo, Glacius

Best Talents: All Spell Knowledge, Basic Cast Mastery, Stupefy Mastery/Expertise, Confringo Mastery, both Wiggenweld Potency

Recommended Gear Traits: Concentration 3, Control 3, Disarming 3, Destruction 3, Ancient Magic 3, Ancient Magic Focus 3

This Hogwarts Legacy character build is an all-around setup that will help players deal damage with powerful spells and stay alive with solid support and defenses. This build capitalizes on each of the three Spell types to break any enemy shield.

Expelliarmus and Arresto Momentum will help render foes defenseless, Accio strings together longer combos, and Confringo makes for a powerful finishing spell. Additionally, Glacius is a nice spell to have to make damage spells hurt even more.

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Of course, players should feel free to tweak this build to their liking as it is still highly flexible.

Dark Wizard build

Best Spells: Avada Kedavra, Imperio, Crucio, Expelliarmus, Arresto Momentum

Best Talents: Imperio Mastery, Crucio Mastery, Avada Kedavra Mastery, Enduring Curse, Blood Curse, Disarming Curse, Slowing Curse, Stunning Curse, Focus Potion Potency, and all Spell Knowledge

Recommended Gear Traits: Unforgivable 3, Cruelty 3, Manipulation 3, Ancient Magic 3, Ancient Magic Focus 3

hogwarts legacy gear traitsAvalanche Software
Cruelty 3 powers up Crucio, which is an extremely strong damage-over-time spell.

This Hogwarts Legacy character build goes all-in on the Dark Arts and supercharges the three Unforgivable Curses. Focus Potions are also essential to this build, as the three Unforgivables have lengthy cooldowns—especially Avada Kedavra.

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Additionally, Ancient Magic is also a powerful asset to use in battle so a slight focus on that is always helpful. With the advantages of the Cursed status effect, Ancient Magic, and the three Unforgivable Curses, this Dark Wizard build is incredibly strong.

Stealth build

Best Spells: Disillusionment, Alohomora, Accio, Leviosa, Expelliarmus

Best Talents: Both Sense of Secrecy, Human Demiguise, Petrificus Totalus Mastery, Invisibility Potion Potency, all Spell Knowledge,

Recommended Gear Traits: Ambush 3, Binding 3, Ancient Magic 3, Ancient Magic Focus 3

Stealth is incredibly strong in Hogwarts Legacy thanks to Petrificus Totalus. It’s a quick high-damaging spell that can even take out boss enemies in the right circumstances.

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With the right Gear Traits and Talents, enemies will never even see you coming before you’re able to take them out. With Invisibility Potion Potency, if things go wrong and you are spotted, you can always just pop a Potion, get to safety, and essentially reset the encounter.

While Hogwarts Legacy clearly wasn’t built to be a stealth game, it doesn’t change the fact that playing stealthily can make you nearly unstoppable.

And there you have it! Those are a few of the strongest builds players can put together in Hogwarts Legacy. Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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