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Trump explains why Descent of Dragons will be Hearthstone’s most OP set

Published: 8/Nov/2019 0:23 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 1:31

by Isaac McIntyre


The Hearthstone community is already in major hype-mode as cards from the upcoming expansion Descent of Dragons continue to leak, and streaming star Jeffrey ‘Trump’ Shih may have just kicked it into overdrive by dubbing the set the game’s “strongest yet.”

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Shockingly, as the name may suggest, the next Hearthstone release will be based around powerful dragon cards, and will feature ‘the progenitor of dragonkind’ Galakrond as one of the poster boys for the set.

Alongside one of the strongest World of Warcraft characters in the lore, it seems like Blizzard has dialed the power-level of the new releases up to eleven, and Trump was more than excited to speculate exactly how the scaly-additions are going to shape the meta.


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“Based off these cards, I’m fairly sure this is the strongest expansion to ever hit Hearthstone,” Trump said as he wrapped up his assessment of the 45 leaked cards that had already dropped from the set expected to drop on December 10.

“There have been some insane cards revealed, some of which would have easily made the top ten list in previous expansions. Now I’m wondering if the rest of the spoilers that we get will continue to be this powerful.”

Blizzard-ActivisionDragons are pouring back into Hearthstone with the game’s latest expansion.
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There were a few cards that Trump was particularly excited for, including Druid cards like Emerald Explorer, Ysera, Unleashed, and “perhaps the most insane card of the set” Breath of Dreams, which draws a card, and adds a mana crystal if you have a dragon.


“It’s Wild Growth, before Wild Growth got nerfed, and if that wasn’t good enough, you tack on ‘draw a card’ to it as well,” he said, and speculated that just off the power of this one two-mana spell, Dragon-Druid would be an earlier frontrunner for the strongest strategy.

“This is absolutely insane, ridiculous,” he said. “I’m pretty certain that, looking at this card’s power, and the dragons I’ve seen so far, Dragon-Druid appears to be a good deck, and I don’t even need to see the rest of the spoilers to say that either, I think.”


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Trump also rated Hunter’s new cards, which included secret-finding Phase Stalker, and one-mana Dwarven Sharpshooter, which allows players to target enemy minions with your Steady Shot hero power, the latter of which Trump dubbed “very stupid” in a good way.

The Hearthstone streamer also added that Mage was “really insane” with their new class cards, as long as they have strong dragons — almost a silly question in the new set.

Neutral cards like Twin Tyrant and Sathrovarr caught Trump’s eye, with the latter minion’s Battlecry of dealing damage to two enemies “certainly a great addition.” He also flagged Evasive Drakonid as another strong end-game beater but said it may be better in draft-based modes.


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While the newest Hearthstone set may have been slightly overshadowed by the ongoing controversy surrounding Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai and Blizzard’s stance regarding publicizing the Hong Kong protests, it’s clear that fans are still super keen for its release.

Descent of Dragons will be available from Tuesday, December 10. All players who log into the game during the set’s first 90 days will also receive all five Galakrond Hero cards — one each for Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock — for free.