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Hearthstone’s Dragonqueen Alexstrasza heats up Descent of Dragons set

Published: 27/Nov/2019 23:41 Updated: 27/Nov/2019 23:43

by Brad Norton


A newly revealed Legendary for the upcoming Descent of Dragons Hearthstone expansion looks to be a staple for any Dragon-based deck moving forward.

Set to release on December 10, Descent of Dragons is the latest Hearthstone expansion, intending to disrupt the meta with a massive influx of new cards.

Boasting over 135 minions, spells, and hero cards to collect, the set will round out the Year of the Dragon with a focus on decks built around the Dragon-archetype. Unsurprisingly, a devastating new Legendary has been revealed and all signs indicate that it could be a staple in every Dragon deck moving forward.

Blizzard - HearthstoneDescent of Dragons is the third and final Hearthstone expansion of 2019.

In a November 27 video, popular Hearthstone content creator ‘Alliestrasza’ fittingly unveiled the new Legendary Dragon with a large-scale, physical recreation of the in-game card.

“So join me now defenders of life, respect the darkness but stand for the light,” she said while slowly bringing the devastating nine-mana minion into frame.

The brand-new Legendary is none other than Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and the card comes boasting a powerful late-game Battlecry. “If your deck has no duplicates, add 2 random Dragons to your hand. They cost 0” the card reads.

As demonstrated at the tail end of the reveal video, upon dropping the Legendary onto the board, two new Dragons will be added to your hand and become immediately playable. 

Amusingly enough, the in-game teaser showcased just how absurdly powerful the effect can be if RNG is on your side. With a free Azure Explore now in hand, another Dragonqueen Alexstrasza was hilariously discovered allowing the cycle to begin again with the next turn.

With what is undeniably a remarkably efficient use of Mana in the late-game for a Dragon-based deck, the Legendary itself boasts impressive stats as an 8/8 minion. Meaning that if RNG delivers relatively weak freebies, you’re still going to have a powerful creature on the board no matter what.

Blizzard - HearthstoneThe powerful Dragon is a neutral Legendary, meaning that any class can build a deck around it.

When combined with all manner of new synergizing cards coming in the new expansion, there’s a great opportunity for this new Legendary to be a staple inclusion in any Dragon-based build.

From the new Deathwing, Mad Aspect Warrior Legendary to the four-mana 8/8 Paladin Legendary, there’s a plethora of exciting new Dragons to look forward to when the expansion releases on December 10. Here’s a rundown of every card revealed thus far to keep you on the ball ahead of the new content drop.


Hearthstone finally adding dual-class cards in Scholomance Academy

Published: 15/Jul/2020 5:07 Updated: 15/Jul/2020 7:06

by Isaac McIntyre


Blizzard has confirmed Hearthstone will finally be adding dual-class cards in its upcoming expansion, Scholomance Academy, which is set to be released in early August according to the collectible card game developers.

Hearthstone has just unveiled its next major expansion, a wizarding school-themed set that evokes the world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise. The August expansion will be the second to be added in the Year of the Phoenix, following ‘Ashes of Outland.’

There are a few new features Blizzard are planning on bringing to their long-standing online trading-card game in the next expansion, they confirmed on July 14. Chief among them are “dual-class cards,” a first for Hearthstone.

Scholomance Academy feature image for Hearthstone expansion.
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard just unveiled its next Hearthstone expansion, Scholomance Academy, set to be released in August.

It’s not the first time the base classes have shared limited cards; the title’s fourth expansion ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’ added “tri-class cards” to the pool all the way back in December 2016. There were only nine classes back then, however.

Dual-class “Double Major” cards

With the addition of Demon Hunter at the start of Year of the Phoenix, Blizzard can now split cards into five groups, each with two related classes. There will be ten dual combos all up in the August expansion release:

  • Druid/Hunter
  • Hunter/Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunter/Warlock
  • Warlock/Priest
  • Priest/Paladin
  • Paladin/Warrior
  • Warrior/Rogue
  • Rogue/Mage
  • Mage/Shaman
  • Shaman/Druid

Each class pairing will be given four of the 40 dual-class cards on the menu in Scholomance Academy, Blizzard revealed. The devs also confirmed each of the ten pairings would also get a Legendary ‘professor’ minion as well.

New mechanic: ‘Spellburst’

The “Double Major” cards won’t be the only new addition for Hearthstone in the upcoming August expansion either. As per usual, the devs will also be slapping a new mechanic on the table; this time, it’s called “Spellburst.”

Basically, it’s a delayed spell power for minions and players alike. The new effect warns that it will “trigger a one-time additional effect when a spell is played.” It’s almost like a trap card from rival series Yu-Gi-Oh!, but built into minions.

Hearthstone mage casts a Spellburst spell at a dummy in Scholomance Academy.
Blizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone fans will be able to pull off tricky spell traps with the new “Spellburst” cards.

New spells: ‘Studies’

The final new Hearthstone change for players to wrap their heads around for Scholomance Academy is a new spell type, “Studies.” These cards have Discover-only effects, but allow you to tutor up a specific type of card, like Demon or Mech.

Once you’ve collected your card, it will reduce the mana cost of the next card you play of that type. It certainly seems like a must-pick card for themed decks. The first that springs to mind is Paladin Murloc, which has run rampant in the Year of the Phoenix so far.

Murlocs charge forward in Hearthstone.
Blizzard Entertainment
The super-aggro Hearthstone deck “Murloc Paladin” will love to get its hand on the new Studies cards.

So there you have it; everything we know about Blizzard’s upcoming Hearthstone expansion Scholomance Academy. Keep your eyes peeled on Dexerto for more details on all 135 new cards set to be released in the August set.

The next Year of the Phoenix release is expected to drop in mid-August. Ahead of the official expansion release, fans can get an “Academy Bundle” for $49.99 USD, or book themselves a whopping 80 packs with the $79.99 “Mega Bundle.”