Hearthstone update 24.2.1 patch notes: Battlegrounds update, bug fixes

Lawrence Scotti
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Hearthstone update 24.2.1 patch notes delivers ladder fixes for Battlegrounds as well as plenty of bug fixes to clean up gameplay.

2022 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone.

On top of dropping two different and massive expansions in Voyage to the Sunken City and Murder at Castle Nathria, they’ve also released Season 2 for their Battlegrounds mode which brought Castle Nathria content to the 1 vs 7 game mode as well as the new Quests mechanic.

Now, patch 24.2.1 arrives as a hotfix patch to clean up some of Battlegrounds ladder issues.

official Drek Thar art in HearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone Battelgroudns Season 2 is underway.

Hearthstone update 24.2.1 patch notes

Content Updates

• Adjusted the Battlegrounds Leaderboard logic to remove all players with 0 Rating from the Leaderboards and increase the number of games required before appearing on the Leaderboards.• Lich Baz’hial was moved from Armor Tier 1 to Armor Tier 3.• Fungalmancer Flurgl was moved from Armor Tier 2 to Armor Tier 1.• Several Battlegrounds Quests and Quest Rewards have been adjusted.• The Witness Protection Battlegrounds Quest and Another Hidden Body Quest Reward have been temporarily removed from the Quest pool.• Adjusted the “Big Friends” and “Live to Win” Duels buckets and removed Sire Denathrius from the “Group Learning” bucket.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where Ring of Tides would continue to update based on the original owner’s spells after stolen.• Fixed a bug where the Imp generated by Imp Gang Boss lost its “Imp” tag.• Fixed a bug preventing the Training Session Darkmoon Prize from working with the Sire Denathrius.