Hearthstone players demand nerfs to “broken” new Warlock Location card

hearthstone murder at castle nathriaBlizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone players are already calling on Blizzard to nerf the new Warlock Location card, Vile Library, after just a few days after Murder at Castle Nathria’s release.

Murder at Castle Nathria is finally here, and Hearthstone players are already developing a meta for the newest set of cards.

This expansion, on top of over 100 new cards, also includes a new keyword with Infuse, as well as a new card type with Locations.

Locations seem to be quite powerful at launch, as they are included in nearly every popular deck that’s popped up so far. Now, players are calling on Blizzard to nerf one of the Locations specifically.

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official Hearthstone Murderat Castle Nnathria cover artBlizzard Entertainment
Murder at Castle Nathria released on August 2.

Hearthstone players want Warlock Locations nerf already

Only two days into the new expansion, and Hearthstone fans are already keen on toning down the Warlock class Locations card.

Vile Library is a 2-cost Location card that can grant a friendly minion +1/+1, repeating the buff for each friendly Imp.

Reddit user Saeresya1 posted to the Hearthstone subreddit a photo of the card with the caption, “Already a problem, or is it just me?”

Under the post, many players agreed the card might be overpowered in its current state.

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One user said, “This card is pretty nutty. Any imp token generator can turn a 1/1 into an 8/8 by turn three. Haven’t lost a game yet when I was able to get it down early.”

Blizzard added some strong Imp cards and spells for Warlock with Murder at Castle Nathria, including Fiendish Circle and Flustered Librarian, pushing the archetype towards the front of the meta instantly.

Another player cautioned that aggressive decks often overpower in the early days of expansions and that a meta will develop around countering it. However, this card is so powerful that it could be nerfed quite quickly by Blizzard.

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