Hearthstone player creates “awesome” custom Death Knight class

death knight orc hearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment

A dedicated Hearthstone player created their own version of what a Death Knight class would look like in the card game, and fans were seriously impressed.

When Hearthstone initially launched way back in 2014, Blizzard Entertainment’s card battler had nine classes to choose from.

Those nine classes represented World of Warcraft’s core classes when the MMO initially launched, and while WoW has added a handful of classes over the years, Hearthstone remained staunch in sticking to its original formula.

That all changed when the card games expansion Ashes of Outland was released and HS made Demon Hunter the tenth class available. Now, two years later, one fan has imagined another popular WoW class in the card game.

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Hearthstone players’ fan-made Death Knight class goes viral

User TarkinsBlueSlippers posted to the Hearthstone subreddit their imagined Death Knight class in Hearthstone. While there have been Death Knight cards in the game in the past, BlueSlippers’ idea is a full hero class for DKs, along with 64 class cards all with unique card art attached.

The Death Knight design goals for the Redditor include “Exploring the player fantasy of Arthas, the iconic Death Knight” and “incentivize board control and killing enemy minions using them against the opponent.”

The class has a rotating hero power that swaps after each use with a total of three representing the three specializations for the Death Knight class of Frost, Unholy, and Blood.

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Although the class is a bit more convoluted than other Hearthstone classes, it certainly nails the artistic style and gameplay elements of Death Knights. The class cards sport a dark grey base with a light blue accent, a color combo not seen before in the card battler.

Users in the comment section were both blown away by the attention to detail, but also wary of this actually being implemented into the game.

One Hearthstone player said, “The flavor is very interesting and well-made, but a hero like this as a new class could never work on Hearthstone.”

Another added, “Come on Blizzard, hire this person! Awesome!”

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With Hearthstone developers hinting at a potential new class being added in the game’s next expansion, it’s possible we see a real Death Knight class make its way to the game. However, it’s unlikely it resembles this fan rendition.