Hearthstone fans are losing it over new Murder at Castle Nathria legendary card

kryxis hearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone players were stunned after a new legendary card was shown for the upcoming Murder at Castle Nathria expansion.

Murder at Castle Nathria is Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion and like all expansions for the card game, Blizzard is slowly revealing each card that will be available to players come launch day.

While there are tons to look forward to in August, including new Location cards as well as an unexplored setting, there is one card, in particular, that is catching players’ eyes, one that is already deemed so powerful it could be due for nerfs on the very same day it’s released.

Hearthstone players shocked by new Murder at Castle Nathria legendary

official Hearthstone Murderat Castle Nnathria cover artBlizzard Entertainment
The Venthyr covenant is at the forefront of Murder at Castle Nathria.

On July 14, Blizzard revealed Kryxis the Voracious, a new Demon Hunter legendary class card.

Kryxis is a 4 mana cost minion with 7 attack and 7 health and a description that reads “Battlecry: Discard your hand. Deathrattle: Draw 3 cards.”

The post shot up to the top of the Hearthstone subreddit, with many players stunned at how powerful the card stats are mixed with the text.

Many fans were quick to point out how powerful the combo of Kryxis and another Demon Hunter class card is, Razorfen Beastmaster. The combo, costing just seven mana, can help completely ignore the negative Battlecry from Kryxis and provide insane amounts of value both on the board and with card draw.

One user said the card won’t last long on live servers before being nerfed, “It’s gonna get nerfed day 1.”

With an August 2 release date for Murder at Castle Nathria, it won’t be too long before players can test out this new legendary for themselves.

Early opinions on Kryxis have players believing that Demon Hunter will be a top tier class from the get go.