Best Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria decks

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Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria, is finally arrived. Here are the five best decks to try out at launch.

Each time a new Hearthstone expansion drops, dedicated players of Blizzard’s premiere card game rush to find the best decks to climb the ranked ladder as fast as possible.

To stay ahead of the curve, we have five of the best decks to get wins right away, including some from the Shaman, Druid, and Mage classes.

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Best Hearthstone decks: Murder at Castle Nathria

Evolve Shaman

hearthstone shamanBlizzard Entertainment
Evolve Shaman is quickly taking over the Hearthstone ranked ladder.

Shaman got a ton of new cards with the release of Nathria, including many bolstering the Evolve archetype.

The new class Legendary, Baroness Vashj, provides the basis for the deck which has already become one of the most popular archetypes right off the bat.

The value this deck provides with a 4-cost Legendary and cards like Primordial Wave and Muck Pools is nearly unmatched at the launch of Nathria, and Evolve as an archetype is always a fun one to run wild with.

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Deck Code: AAECAfe5Agao7gOG+gOkgQTDkQSVkgS52QQM4/YD04AEuZEE25QE1bIE4LUEssEExc4Er9kEtdkEttkE9NwEAA==

Big Druid

druid hearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment
Druid is massively popular in Murder at Castle Nathria already.

We apologize for the squinting that may be required to see every card here now that Hearthstone has introduced Prince Renethal who allows decks to go 40 cards deep. At launch, Druid is arguably the best class with an absolute boatload of incredible new cards that speed up ramp like Widowbloom Seedsman, a new 4-cost Epic minion that grants both an empty mana crystal as well as a card draw.

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New neutral Legendary minion Sire Denathrius is also a highlight here, as Druid can easily utilize the new Infuse mechanic on him and deal insane amounts of damage the later in the match he’s played.

If you are looking to play this deck be prepared to get rid of a good amount of old cards as this deck comes in at an insane 22,120 dust cost. It looks like Prince Renethal is breaking the bank already.

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Deck code: AAECAbr5Awzk7gOwigS1igSJiwSlrQSEsATHsgS/zgTp0ASn1ATv3gSX7wQOwOwDxvkDrIAEr4AEsIAEiZ8Erp8E2p8Ez6wE/70ErsAEwd8EreUE2qEFAA==

Skeleton Mage

mage hearthstone deckBlizzard Entertainment
Skeleton Mage is extremely fun in Hearthstone.

Although there are a few Mage archetypes viable already in Narthia’s meta, none are as fun as Skeleton Mage.

Kel’Thuzad, the Inevitable is a new Legendary class minion for Mage and allows the traditionally spell-based class to now fill the board with Skeletons and explode them all by the end of the game. The deck plays around summoning as many skeletons as possible, exploding them for randomly-dealt damage, and freezing opposing minions multiple turns in a row with the new Location card Nightcloak Sanctum. It is guaranteed to enrage your opponent and lead to some wins.

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Deck code: AAECAf0EBtjsA53uA6CKBOWwBKneBLrkBAzU6gPT7APW7AOn9wOu9wOogQSfkgShkgT8ngTb3gT67ASEkwUA

Imp Warlock

warlock hearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment
Imps are quite powerful in Murder at Castle Nathria

It turns out that Imp King Rafaam could be one of the best cards Blizard printed in all of Nathria, and one that helps pushes Imp Warlock into the forefront of the meta.

A handful of other cards from the new expansion help prop it up as well, of course. Vile Library, Warlock’s Location card, helps power up minions on the board, as long as you are in control of Imps.

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Theotar is a cheeky inclusion as he allows you to both steal an opponent’s high-value card, and also grant them a crappy Imp one that won’t fit their plans. Sire Denathrius here is purely a backup plan in case matches go beyond a handful of turns.

Deck code:


Here are all of the top decks so far in Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria. As the meta continues to evolve this list will be updated with all the best decks.

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