Will Halo Infinite have battle royale? Leaks, rumors and teases for Halo BR mode

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Halo Infinite has long-time fans pining for their next Master Chief adventure – but will it include battle royale? Leaks suggest that battle royale will make an appearance in one way or another, here’s everything we know.

The significance of the battle royale genre has exploded in recent years, becoming the new norm for AAA developers. Acting as a viable way to generate revenue consistently with paid bundles and currency, developers of all sizes are more than willing to stake their claim in a highly competitive genre.

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Well, it seems that the time for combat to evolve has come once again. Warzone might just have a new beast to contend with.

Announced in June 2018, Halo Infinite is set to be the sixth mainline installment of the billion-dollar franchise. Despite facing several delays, the game is set to be released later this year during the Holiday season. It isn’t just Master Chief that is making a comeback either. Recent leaks and teases seem to indicate that a Halo will be entering the battle royale arena. 

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Halo Infinite is poised to release this Holiday season.

Is Battle Royale in Halo Infinite? 

The first inklings of a battle royale mode hitting Halo Infinite appeared earlier this 2021.

In a Twitter exchange between Geoff Keighley and the official Halo account, the latter responded with a rather interesting gif choice. Demonstrating a pod dropping into orbit, the official account responded with “Only the hottest of drops”. This could just be playful banter, but this isn’t the first time developers have tried to pull a fast one on fans. 

For anyone unaware of how battle royale games operate, commonly players will drop into “hot zones” or “hot spots” at the beginning of a match. These areas tend to be populated with high counts of rival players. We’d be hard-pressed to imagine if this means anything else. Especially when the hints don’t stop there

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Leaked Battle Royale voice line

On August 2, avid fans were able to extract a voice recording from the multiplayer test beta.

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Left in the game by mistake, players were more than ecstatic to discover a substantial sign of things to come. More recently, veteran leaker Tom Henderson commented on the state of battle royale after Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta. 

After data miners were able to procure leftover files pertaining to Infinite’s campaign, the pieces began to form on how BR could be part of the bigger picture.

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While the majority of the leaks were formed around objectives in the main storyline, Tom Henderson believes that other elements will heavily influence the course of the currently unannounced game mode. 

As always, we encourage that if you’d like the Halo Infinite campaign to be a surprise, please avoid any leaks if possible. For discretionary purposes, we won’t be sharing any of those specific details here.

What is a point of interest within Henderson’s comments, is that the BR mode has been in development for a while. Whether it still exists is unclear, but it’d be pretty interesting to see if BR was in the pipeline from the get-go.

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Halo Infinite might not officially announce their take on battle royale for a while, but we hope players can pick up their Battle Rifles in the arena later this year. We’re sure there will be more to uncover over the months to come, so stay tuned for more updates.

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