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Viral Halo Infinite TikTok has “amazing idea” to improve AI bundles

Published: 10/Jan/2022 7:52 Updated: 10/Jan/2022 6:54

by Brad Norton


Halo Infinite players have been captivated by an “amazing” new idea to improve AI bundles after new viral TikTok clips showcased a handful of crossover suggestions.

Halo Infinite’s microtransaction model hasn’t been the most popular thing since multiplayer servers came online. Limitations on Spartan customization means players have to fork out hard-earned cash just to unlock a standard coat of blue paint.

Naturally, the community has been more than frustrated as these setbacks extend to more than just player appearance. In-game AI has also come under fire for costly bundles, with many calling them the “biggest ripoff” in the store.


Looking to improve the state of these multiplayer companions that chime in with unique voice lines here and there, new viral TikToks have shown how “amazing” crossover bundles could be.

@sweepysteaks lmk what other characters i should try! #starwars #anakinskywalker #halo #haloinfinite #ai #funny #comedy #boostofhope ♬ Star Wars – The Imperial March Theme – Geek Music

The first pitch from ‘sweepysteaks’ brings the Star Wars universe into Halo Infinite. One simple question asks “what if Anakin had a Halo AI?”

Jumping right into a match, we get classic quotes from the Sith Lord in a range of different encounters. From eliminations to simple map reactions and “hating sand,” it’s a hilarious fit for Halo’s AI system.

The same can be said for two more crossover ideas that followed. GLaDOS from Portal and Snoop Dogg both went viral with their own Halo designs, garnering thousands of likes each as players supported the idea.


“I’d much rather pay for that than mister chief,” one player said on Reddit. “This would be amazing,” another chimed in.

Obviously, multiple parties would have to come to the table if such major crossovers were to be made real. One title 343 Industries could look towards for inspiration would be Fortnite, something players have already been pleading for.

With the popularity of these AI bundles, in-game sales could be through the roof if they ever come to life. We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft takes the plunge.