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Halo • Jan 14, 2019

TOX wins UGC Halo 3 Throwback tournament

TOX wins UGC Halo 3 Throwback tournament

With Halo 5 reaching the end of its life and Halo: Infinite still a ways out, the community has turned to an old favorite - Halo 3. It doesn't matter which Halo is played, TOX is still one of the best around.


TOX outlasted Denial in an hours long Grand Final worthy of the "classic" billing.  The two teams met in the Winners Final, then again in the Grand Final that included a bracket reset for a total of 14 maps.

The HCS 2018 champs sent Denial to Losers with a quick 3-0 sweep, but Denial got revenge by taking the first best of seven Grand Final by a score of 4-1. With the bracket reset, TOX regained and finished Denial off with a 4-2 map count to win the tournament.


The result continues a magical run for Lethul and Snakebite, who have won 15 tournaments and made every Grand Final except one since the start of the Halo 5 season. Lethul's run goes even further back, to Halo 2 Anniversary in late 2015.

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Halo 3 attracted a bunch of legends to pick up the sticks again, with Team Reciprocity reuniting the "RoyBox" twin brother duo. Lunchbox and Roy joined fellow legends Snip3down and Pistola on REC, who made a nice run through the lower bracket before they were eliminated by Denial in the Losers Finals.

FlameSworD  came out of retirement and joined Ace in bringing back Status Quo for the classic event, finishing a respectable top 6. 

Hey kids, games used to be sold in boxes.


UGC Halo Classic Final Standings

PlaceTeam NameWinningsRoster
1TOX Gaming$12,000SnakeBite, LethuL, Eco, aPG
2Denial Esports$6,000Str8SicK, Commonly, Aries, Shele
3Team REciprocity$4,200Snip3down, Pistola, Lunchbox, Roy
4Lux Gaming$3,600Gilkey, Cloud, D3M0N D, bubu dubu
5-6Status Quo$1,200FlamesworD, Ace, Neighbor, Assault
5-6GMS$1,200Gabriel, Goofy, Fantasy,  Zurka
7-8Elevate$600Penguin, TriPPPeY, Saiyan, Neptune
7-8Wrath$600RyaNoob, eL Town, ScarVayne, Kaiyeul