TimTheTatman flames Halo Infinite as “flop of the decade”

343 Studios

TimTheTatman explained why Halo Infinite could have been a hit if the developers had decided to create a battle royale, instead.

Halo Infinite suffered from a disastrous launch, and 343 Studios has struggled to right the ship. On January 18, Bloomberg reported Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees, primarily impacting Bethesda and 343.

In September 2022, Halo Infinite leader Bonnie Ross left 343 amid player backlash. Community members have been especially critical of the game’s mismanagement and lack of support. With so much uncertainty, fans fear the worst for the storied series’ future.

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Former Halo pro-Ninja labeled 343 as “delusional” for not launching the title with a battle royale mode. TimTheTatman agreed, arguing the developers could have avoided disaster by implementing a battle royale mode.

halo infinite spartan players standing in a line343 Industries
Most players seem to be united in their disappointment with Halo Infinite.

TimTheTatman explains why Halo Infinite needs a battle royale

TimTheTatman argued Halo Infinite would be the most-viewed game on Twitch if the game had a battle royale mode. During a live stream on January 25, he went on a Halo Infinite rant.

“You want to talk of the flop of the decade? It’s Halo.”

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Warzone 2 is in the midst of a player count decline, and the YouTuber argued a Halo Infinite battle royale would have been able to capitalize on a stagnant BR landscape.

“You have all these vehicles, mechanics, power-ups, you can make an insane battle royale. With the current kind of climate with battle royales, if there were a Halo battle royale, they would be on top of everything else.”

Dr Disrespect has played just about every battle royale game under the sun, and he has threatened on multiple occasions to move on from Warzone 2. He is not alone in begging for a new BR experience, successful enough to shake up gaming.

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“Halo dropped the ball,” TimTheTatman claimed. “They had the golden egg opportunity to make an incredible BR experience that everyone could sink their teeth into.”

Tim concluded his argument by calling out Halo Infinite’s 3,400 player count in comparison to the 27,000 people watching his live stream.

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