TikToker goes viral after drinking laxatives for disturbing Halo Infinite challenge - Dexerto

TikToker goes viral after drinking laxatives for disturbing Halo Infinite challenge

Published: 29/Jan/2022 21:54

by Bill Cooney


One TikToker went viral after seeing how many Halo Infinite games he could play before the copious amounts of laxative he ingested took its toll. 

For some simply playing video games isn’t enough, they have to add an extra layer of difficulty on top of that.

However, TikToker and Twitch streamer chandlersheldon decided to try something we hope will never be attempted again: seeing how many games of Halo he could play after drinking a whole bottle of laxative.

TikToker goes viral for crappy Halo Infinite challenge


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♬ original sound – ChandlerSheldon

What inspired Chandler to attempt this disgusting feat, we may never know. But in a TikTok posted January 27, he seems almost eager to turn his digestive system against him.


“Alright ya’ll, today we’re drinking this whole bottle of liquid laxative. Let’s see how many games of Halo I can play before I s**t myself,” the streamer declared. “I just went on a run, so I’m already a little loose.”

The next thing we knew, he downed the entire bottle of laxative, and a look of regret crossed his face. Ironically, we don’t find out how many games of Halo he actually got through before nature called.

Based on his expression, and the update that followed after though, we’d make an educated guess that it wasn’t very many.


Warning: the TikTok below is very gross. You’ve been warned.


Reply to @allenlecardo its just liquid at this point #laxitives #lemonflavor #fyp #elfitup #fypシ #godhelpme #splash

♬ original sound – ChandlerSheldon

Several hours later chandler provided an update. As you might expect, he looked absolutely miserable after spending most of the time since his first TikTok on the porcelain throne.

“It’s seven in the morning and I can’t sleep. Every time I lay in the bed I need to s**t again,” the defeated Halo fan said. “This sucks.”

Just to be clear: no, you shouldn’t try this. The disclaimer on the first TikTok is 100% correct, you could hurt yourself or others whom you share a bathroom with by attempting this — so don’t!