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Seattle’s famous Space Needle plays iconic Halo theme during New Year celebrations

Published: 1/Jan/2022 14:11

by Shay Robson


New Years’ Eve celebrations saw the Seattle Space Needle lit up in a Halo theme, with the iconic game soundtrack playing during the countdown to midnight.

As happens annually, the entire world reflected on the last 365 days and celebrated the start of a new year with incredible firework displays and music.

Celebrations in Seattle, however, caught gamers off-guard, as the recognizable Space Needle landmark played the iconic Halo soundtrack and was lit up in the popular first-person shooter’s theme.

Halo Infinite player with Energy Sword
343 Industries
Eyes are on Halo again, as Infinite is well received by fans.

During the countdown to midnight in Seattle, the popular Space Needle tower began playing the famous Halo soundtrack that’s known by gamers across the world.


The celebration was caught by Halo fan IshiiVids, who posted a clip on Twitter. “There’s no way. This is actually so sick,” said IshiiVids. 

This is so badass,” said one Twitter user, which was a popular reaction among many Halo fans.

Literally the coolest thing I’ve seen this year,” said HoldenRoberts27.


While Halo: Infinite has received acclaim for its esports scene, plenty of fans have taken issue with aspects of the game, especially the lack of classic Halo game modes.

In fact, backlash towards the developers got so bad that the game’s subreddit was temporarily locked to let the community cool off.


Whilst the celebrations in Seattle won’t mitigate players’ frustrations with the game, many fans loved seeing Halo Infinite recognized in a unique and awesome manner as we celebrated the end of 2021 and entered 2022.