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Nadeshot demands Halo Infinite ranked fixes as bugs run rampant

Published: 29/Nov/2021 10:49

by Jacob Hale


100 Thieves founder and former professional Call of Duty player Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has begged for major fixes to Halo Infinite’s ranked mode as bugs continue to ruin players’ games.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched on November 15 to much fanfare, and has quickly garnered a huge following, marking somewhat of a revival for the franchise.

It’s beating out competition from the likes of Battlefield 2042, CoD: Vanguard, and Warzone in the Twitch charts, and top Call of Duty Challengers players have made or are contemplating the switch to Halo.

It’s not all been sunshine and rainbows, however. The battle pass has been a huge source of frustration, while bugs in ranked play have proved a big mountain for some players to climb. This includes Nadeshot, who is now “begging” for a fix to the bugs, which predominantly come as game freezes and random disconnects.


Halo Infinite multiplayer screenshot
343 Industries
Halo Infinite can be an unforgiving place – even for streamers.

Posting a couple of tweets directly to the official Halo Twitter account, Nadeshot explained what had gone wrong, asking for some kind of solution to the problems he and many others have faced.

“I played for 6 hours today, all ranked arena,” he explained. “In the last hour, my game froze 2 separate times and now I ended with less ELO than I started with… Please dear god I’m begging to find the fix for this or let us rejoin ranked games.”

He continued: “I’m being penalized more ELO from 1 disconnect than I can get from winning 5-6 games. This system doesn’t make any sense.”


Referring to it as “six straight hours down the drain,” Nadeshot is clearly frustrated with the situation and is speaking for a large number of plates who have faced similar.

In the grind to Onyx, you need to be a supremely skilled player — but no matter how good you are, if you’re losing ELO just from random disconnects, it makes the task infinitely harder.

Nadeshot and other top players will be hoping for a fix to this issue sooner rather than later, but at the time of writing, the devs have yet to address it.