Master Chief in Breath of the Wild? Fan reimagines Halo with Nintendo art style

Halo Infinite Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Chief Nintendo Art Style343 Industries / Nintendo

Video game crossovers are always a massive hit, and one creative player with soft spots for Halo and Breath of the Wild combined the best parts of each game to give the iconic Master Chief an amazing Nintendo-style makeover.

Whether it’s a one-off like Geralt appearing in Soulcalibur VI or an entire franchise like Marvel versus Capcom, video games fans love almost nothing more than a good crossover between two (or more) excellent titles.

Hot off the heels of E3 2021, the hype trains for Halo Infinite and Breath of the Wild 2 have reached new levels, and one fan of both franchises combined Halo’s strong, sort of silent protagonist with Breath of the Wild’s jaw-dropping art style, yielding some incredible results.

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Master Chief Nintendo Art Style Screenshot FinalReddit / 'u/TheChunkierBean'
It might not be the Halo art style fans are used to — but there’s no denying that it looks amazing.

Reddit user ‘TheChunkierBean’ shared their incredible creation with fellow fans in the shape of a video showing off the mashed-up world, which was made inside the Unity development platform, a favorite for crossovers similar to this.

The mega-fan channeled their inner creative senses to come up with an idea of what Halo Infinite could look like if it were developed by Nintendo, and then transformed that vision into reality.

Bean’s impressive creation showcased the Master Chief, classic weapons like the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher and Brute Shot, infamous vehicles like the Ghost and Banshee, and a gorgeous Halo ring — all fully re-imagined in Breath of the Wild’s elegant, flowing art style.

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Fellow fans on Reddit ate this creation up with reckless abandon, and had almost nothing negative to say about the Halo re-design. However, there was one particular piece they and we had to take issue with: Master Chief’s extremely peculiar movement animations.

“Why does he run like he s**t his pants?” one response asked, with a second user adding on: “Contrary to popular belief, when Grunts run away from Chief it isn’t out of fear, they’re just trying to get away from the smell!”

Despite some digs about the Chief’s awkward gait, the post was a smash-hit amongst the Halo community, and while it’s obvious we most likely won’t ever actually see a Halo title published by Nintendo, this gives us a glimpse of the beauty that could be if it ever saw the light of day.

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