Major Halo Infinite spoilers uncovered in multiplayer beta

Sam Comrie
A green armoured soldier stands still.
343 Industries

Finding itself in more hot water, Halo Infinite’s campaign is at risk of major spoilers leaking. The hugely anticipated title releases later this year, following multiple delays. 

Launching on July 30, the Technical Preview for Halo Infinite has drawn in droves of eager fans. Originally due to release on November 10th, knockbacks forced 343 Industries to delay Infinite to an unconfirmed day at the end of the year. Until then, the troubled launch of the beta hasn’t quite been the preview the devs hoped for. 

To make matters worse, it has come to light that data-miners have uncovered spoilers from the campaign too.

Leaks like this are painful for the dev team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone,” posted creative lead Joseph Staten.

No spoilers, please

We won’t get into specifics about the unfortunate leak, but it is said to involve objectives and parameters set inside the campaign. A few story beats are out there but are difficult to piece together without full context. Achievements and weapon details, some of which are already publicly available via the beta, join the currently unresolved leak. 

Community Manager Brian Jarrard is requesting that content creators refrain from reporting on the leaks, as they’ll be at risk of DMCA takedowns. Jarrard is keen to see creators avoid getting a strike, instructing them to remove any prior uploads as soon as possible. 

More fuel for Halo Infinite battle royale rumors

Despite 343’s best attempts to curb leaked information, more data-mined files appeared later in the beta that fueled speculation on whether Halo Infinite will feature a battle royale mode — a topic that has been hotly debated amongst the wider gaming community.

Again, we don’t want to spoil anything specific for fans, but the file contains a simple voice line from Halo’s iconic announcer, Jeff Steitzer, referencing a BR mode. Many players took this as an indication that 343 does have plans to include a battle royale in Halo Infinite, at launch or otherwise.

The Halo BR debate has dragged on for years, dating all the way back to the days of Blackout. Obviously, a single audio file isn’t confirmation that Infinite will include a battle royale mode, but it’s certainly done nothing to stop the fires of speculation from raging even harder.

Halo Infinite Technical Test Beta Battle Royale Audio File
343 Industries
More information pulled from the beta has fueled speculation over Halo Infinite’s rumored BR.

Outside of the leaks, the Technical Preview has seen some interesting developments. Notably, popular YouTuber MoistCr1tikal found himself at the center of a player ban. Trying to push the boundaries of the in-game map, his consistent amount of suicides appeared as a red flag for the game’s moderation system. Put in place to keep players from dying by their own antics too often, it locked him out of the beta to his disbelief.

As no release is in place, the next few months are going to be difficult for Halo fans across the world.