Insane Halo Infinite play highlights the power of the grappling hook

Halo Infinite multiplayer343 Industries

Halo Infinite has entered its second round of public testing, and people are already getting creative with the game’s new mechanics. From throwing yourself into the fight, or zipping away from certain death, there is a lot of creativity to be found when using the grappling hook. 

For years now, Halo players have been pushing the limits of mobility in the franchise. From the old days of standing on another teammate’s shoulders so that their jump would give you a higher starting point for your own, to the more intricate dashing and sliding combinations of Halo 5, there has never been a shortage of cheeky ways to get around the map.

This is especially true in Halo Infinite with the addition of the grapple hook. This new item makes it easier than ever to outsmart your opponents and get out with your life after doing so.

Take RoyalCheek’s play for example. They’ve demonstrated precisely how effective the grappling hook can be, even when there’s a Warthog involved.

Halo Infinite grappling hook

While this item opens up a world of possibilities in terms of movement, there is a limit to its power. As seen in the clip, the grappling hook – or Grappleshot as it’s referred to in-game – is one of several new utility items that can be found around the map in Halo Infinite.

When picked up off the ground, you gain three uses of the hook. If you’re looking to make a ridiculous play like this one, you’ll have to be reserved in how you use it.

The grappling hook doesn’t have to be all about flash, though. TimTheTatman also showed off an effective way to put them to use during a recent stream.

This is only scratching the surface of what is possible with the grappling hook and players are going to have a lot of fun as they figure out new ways to put it to use.

While the Forge mode and the Multiplayer campaign won’t be available at launch, Halo Infinite and its free-to-play multiplayer mode is set for release on Dec. 8, 2021.