How to watch the UGC Halo Classic tournament - stream, schedule and more

by Calum Patterson



The return of competitive Halo 3 will be celebrated with a $35,000 tournament on January 11-13, where a plethora of top teams will compete at the UGC Halo Classic, in partnership with HCS Grassroots.


With Halo esports in a state of limbo, awaiting the release of Halo Infinite, the community has turned to a trusted classic - the celebrated Halo 3.

The UGC Halo Classic in St Louis, Missouri, will host a $30,000 4v4 tournament, and a $5,000 FFA event too - with crowdfunding set to boost these prize pools higher still.


You can watch all the action on UGC's official Twitch channel below, or on Mixer.

Watch live video from UGC on www.twitch.tv



The event begins on Friday January 11, at 2pm CST (8pm GMT), and will conclude on Sunday, January 13, estimated to finish at 11:55pm CST (5:55am GMT).

All matches will be best of 5, with a double elimination bracket. The rules will be the classic 'MLG v8' settings, making he event an authentic throwback.


Some of the very best professional players and teams will be playing in the throwback event, with some legendary organizations being represented. Some notable teams include:

  • TOX (Eco, aPG, LethuL, SnakeBite)
  • StatusQuo (Flamesword, Neighbor, Ace, Assault)
  • Reciprocity (Lunchbox, Snip3down, Roy, Pistola)
  • Elevate (Kyle, RyaNoob, ScarVayne, Neptune)

You can find the full list of participating teams here.

There will be a max of 128 teams competing in the 4v4 tournament, all battling for their share of the prize pool.


Broadcast Talent

There won't only be a selection of Halo legends playing, but casters and hosts familiar to Halo esports fans down the years will also be making an appearance:

  • Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez (Caster)
  • David 'Walshy' Walsh (Caster)
  • Richie 'Heinz' Heinz (Observer)
  • Lottie 'LVP' Van Praag (Desk Host)
  • Jordan 'LEGIQN' Payton
  • Andy 'Bravo' Dudynsky (Caster)
  • Mark 'Onset' Hatcher (Caster)
  • Joey 'Joe Fries' Pennacchio (Caster)
  • Alex 'Knighty' Irwin (Analyst)
  • Alex 'Shyway' Hope (Analyst/Host)
  • Dave 'Throoper' Throop (Caster)
  • Harry 'Wonderboy' Channon (Observer)
  • Kyle 'Elamite' Elam (Analyst)
  • Tyler 'Trooper' Shuman (Caster)
  • Sean 'Spaceman' Rogers (Caster)
  • Isiah 'Butters' Baldonado (caster
  • Wes 'Clutch' Price (Analyst)

UGC say they are looking to "furnish a timeless competitive experience with modern broadcasting expertise".

The Midwest has served as a breeding ground for Halo’s most elite competitors over the years; home to players such as Walshy, Roy, Lunchbox, the famed Ogre twins and plenty more - that’s why we’ve decided to bring the initial Halo Classic to the city of St. Louis.

UGC and Halo have a rich history together, housing tournaments for many of the game’s greats for over a decade. With the resurgence and interest in original Halo movement and gameplay, the Halo Classic will furnish a timeless competitive experience with modern broadcasting expertise.

Fans who want to attend in person can buy spectator passes here.