Halo Infinite’s first technical preview is this weekend: How to sign-up & play early

Microsoft / 343 Industries

The first official reveal of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer gameplay dropped during Microsoft’s E3 2021 presentation, and now the long-awaited title’s early beta preview is open for business in late July. Here’s how you can get your hands on the new Halo sequel a little early.

Halo fans had high hopes for Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase, and the publisher did not disappoint — they delighted the community with a first look at Halo’s highly anticipated multiplayer gameplay coming to PC and Xbox consoles in 2021.

While the next Halo installment isn’t slated for full release until the holiday season, you can set yourself up for a chance to jump into Infinite’s multiplayer a little early.

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The first technical preview isn’t anything groundbreaking; many of the Halo Infinite bells and whistles won’t be included in the beta. In fact, it’s mainly limited to Bot Arenas (four human players facing off against bots) as well as the new Academy Weapon Drills mode. 12 weapons will be available, as well as three maps: Bazaar, Recharge, and Live Fire.

Here’s exactly how you can get into Halo Infinite’s technical previews.

Halo Infinite technical preview sign-up guide

In a blog post shared by 343 Industries, the developer outlined a plethora of details about what to expect when hopping into the arena this fall — including how to get your hands on Infinite’s multiplayer offering before the game’s full release.

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343 revealed that Halo Insiders will be eligible to participate in limited technical previews over the summer. Here’s exactly how you can set yourself up for a chance to play Halo Infinite early.

  1. Register for a Halo Insider account (if you don’t have one already)
  2. Verify the email address being used by your Halo Insider account
  3. Opt-in for emails by selecting “I would like information, tips, and offers about the Halo franchise”
  4. Make sure your Halo Insider profile is completely filled out
  5. Keep an eye on your inbox for any exclusive invitations to participate in Halo Infinite’s technical preview sessions

In addition to setting up your Halo Insider account properly, 343 community manager John Junyszek outlined some final extra steps to take, depending on which platform you’ll be playing Halo Infinite on (PC or Xbox).

Halo Infinite MP Reveal Spartan Sniper Halo RingMicrosoft / 343 Industries
As a Halo Insider, you can get your hands on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer early (with a little bit of luck).

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S sign-up steps

For players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, make sure to opt-in for the technical preview flights using the appropriate Halo Waypoint link, and make sure to specify any and all consoles where you might be jumping into the action.

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Halo Infinite technical preview sign-up: PC (Steam)

For those planning on testing out Infinite’s multiplayer on PC, you’ll need to use the PC-specific opt-in link, upload your DxDiag file, and ensure your Steam account has been properly linked to your Halo Insider profile.

And there you have it: that’s everything you need to do for a chance to participate in Halo Infinite’s early technical previews that Microsoft and 343 Industries have planned leading up to the game’s release.

The Halo Infinite developer is doubling down on the importance of community feedback with Halo Infinite, and they “will be working closely with the community to shape and evolve the game via feedback and future technical previews.”

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If you’re dying to get your hands on Infinite’s multiplayer and don’t want to wait another second, make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps so 343 can get you in on those highly anticipated technical previews.

halo infinite343 Industries
The Halo Infinite multiplayer preview will run for three days from July 29.

Halo Infinite multiplayer preview stream

Unable to get yourself into Halo Infinite’s technical preview?

That’s okay (thought we know it probably still stings), because 343 will be showing off all the Infinite multiplayer goodies in a livestream before the testing server goes live. The studio will host a “first look” unveiling on Twitch and YouTube, on July 28. Here are all the times:

  • 2 pm PT
  • 5 pm ET
  • 10 pm BST
  • 7 am AEST (the next day)

If you did get access to the closed-off Halo Infinite testing beta, the technical preview will run from July 29 to August 1.

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