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Halo TikTok shows off amazing UI changes players have to try

Published: 22/Nov/2021 23:03

by Connor Knudsen


A TikTok creator has found some UI changes that can give players a lot more visibility and a huge advantage as the Halo Infinite multiplayer develops.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer continues to have a massive first showing, with top streamers and a massive number of players logging on.

But, the game is still just in its beta. This means that kinks still need to be worked out as fans await the full campaign release on December 8.

As fans await the full launch, some have gone about finding the best ways to optimize the game’s UI settings. One TikTok account found one change in particular that gives players a lot more visibility to work with.


Halo Infinite UI change for increased visibility

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Any changes player’s can make to see enemies more clearly are one’s they’ll want to consider.

Being an FPS, Halo Infinite places the player right behind whatever gun they may be wielding. This means that whatever space the gun takes up on your screen is space that you aren’t able to see your surroundings.

When you have a pistol equipped this may be a non-issue, but when you’ve got the Rocket Launcher on deck you can kiss half your screen goodbye.

One TikTok creator has found a way to remedy this and give players a lot more to work with on-screen.

@tazamlive Will start uploading more helpful Tips for halo infinite! #halomultiplayer #haloinfinitetips #helpful #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound – dave_FS20

The creator, tazamlive, walks us through how to make these changes in a helpful guide video. In it, they appear to suggest going to the Weapon Offsets setting and lowering the Vertical Offset and  Depth Offset bars to their lowest number.


This will lower the position of the gun on your screen and, as they demonstrate with the Rocket Launcher, can make a drastic difference in your field of view.

The crosshair will remain in the same spot and your gameplay experience should be otherwise unchanged, and you’ll have plenty more visibility to see enemies rounding corners and flying around the map.

For more tips and tricks like this one, make sure and stay up-to-date with Dexerto’s Halo Infinite content as we approach the game’s full release.