Halo Infinite’s most bizarre glitch is sending Spartans for romantic strolls

Master Chief looking at Cortana343 Industries

Halo Infinite players are encountering strange glitches that cause them to spawn outside multiplayer maps. 

Like most multiplayer games, Halo Infinite is no stranger to the weird and wacky world of bugs and glitches. From frustrating game freezes to weird camera issues, the sci-fi shooter certainly has its fair share of issues. However, one of the strangest problems that players are currently encountering revolves around the game’s spawn system. 

At the start of each Halo Infinite match, players must watch a brief intro animation of each Spartan. After this segment has played, both teams spawn into the map with their allies and can freely start getting into the action. While this rarely causes any issues, a strange visual bug has reared its head. 

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Halo infinite bug spawns players outside the map

Halo Infinite Spartans 343 Industries
Halo Infinite Spartans are going walkabout.

Halo Infinite matches are both fast and packed with action, with game’s maps tailored around funneling players into one another. Because of this, intense gunfights are incredibly common. 

However, one player quickly found themselves in a baffling situation where neither their allies nor enemies were anywhere to be seen. After loading into the game and watching the opening Spartan cinematic, they quickly realized that something wasn’t right. 

Instead of spawning with their teammates, the player had actually been transported directly outside the map. Bewildered, they began to frantically look around at their new surroundings, but there wasn’t a teammate or enemy in sight. 

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“I didn’t move because I wanted to capture the moment,” the player said. “Apparently, on my teammate’s screens, I was just standing where my squad spawned. It was weird.” While this bug is certainly strange, the issue likely came down to issues with the netcode, which is causing the player to desync. 

“A bad netcode would often cause problems like desync, where what’s showing on the client’s side is not what the server is interpreting,” explained one commenter. “This also explains why some players experience getting shot when they’re around corners, or how sometimes melee hits play the sound but no damage is done to the enemy.” 

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It’s certainly one of the most comical visual oddities we’ve seen in Halo Infinite, but one that can be fixed by simply moving. Once The server has synced up, you should encounter no further issues. Of course, you can always stand still and admire the beautiful view.