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Halo Infinite update fixes major vehicle spawns problem after backlash

Published: 3/Feb/2022 20:40

by Alan Bernal


343 Industries are fixing heavy vehicle spawns in the Halo Infinite Big Team Battle playlist, after the February 3 patch update aimed to fix one of the mode’s biggest problems.

Halo players voiced their concerns after seeing how lopsided Infinite’s BTB spawns were for game-changing heavy vehicles, the Scorpions and Wraiths. Along with crucial matchmaking fixes in the new update, 343 are taking a swing at making the mode a lot more balanced.

“Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will appear more frequently on BTB maps,” the devs outlined in the patch notes.

This should translate to seeing more heavy vehicles across their BTB games, which have been sorely missed since Infinite’s multiplayer launch in November.


Traditionally across the Halo franchise, Big Team Battles incorporated regular appearances of massive tanks and flying vehicles which add to the overall chaos of the 12v12 mode.

Of course, this doesn’t address all of the backlash on BTB’s vehicles. Halo players were quick to note the imbalance of overall vehicles, like Ghosts and Banshees.

People weren’t happy to see that some of the war machines would hardly make an appearance throughout a game, much less with a fair split across both sides of the map.

Moreover, the Halo community has been asking the devs to make vehicles simply spawn across the map instead of being drop-shipped onto the playing field.


halo infinite vehicle drop wraith
343 Industries
343 are working to fix some of the biggest headaches in Halo Infinite’s BTB playlist.

The February 3 Infinite update at least has ample quality of life updates for BTB that should make the gameplay experience much more consistent than before.

As 343 works to address the game’s more problematic issues, we could see more tweaks to popular modes like Big Team Battle in the future.