Halo Infinite TikTok goes viral after exposing insta-kill melee exploit

halo infinite sword343 Industries

A Halo Infinite TikTok exposing a game-breaking insta-kill melee exploit has gone viral, showing players how to quickly dispatch enemies using the bug.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta continues to go full steam ahead after its November 2021 release, with top streamers and pros weighing in about its progress so far.

While the game has looked very impressive, its beta status means that there will likely be some exploits and small bugs that 343 are looking for players to snuff out.

One TikTok creator has gone viral for doing just that, exposing a melee glitch that will have heads rolling in multiplayer.

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Halo Infinite insta-kill melee exploit

Halo Infinite multiplayer343 Industries
Halo Infinite continues to pick up steam, so its important for devs to be on the lookout for game-breaking bugs like this one.

Typically, in Halo Infinite, players open up fights by tossing in some grenades or getting opponents’ armor taken down with their weapon primary fire. This allows for melee kills to often be what finishes enemies off if they’re in range.

But, thanks to a glitch – unearthed by TikTok creator MrARMBARS – you may be able to skip the grenades and gunfights altogether.

The insta-kill melee glitch is performed, as the video illustrates, by shooting a round or two from your weapon, then quickly alternating between melee and reload.

The result is an insanely quick series of melees that can burst down fully shielded Spartans in an instant. MrARMBARS is able to pull off a kill using the broken method, simply saying: “That’s nasty” afterward.

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This exploit, if allowed to live on, could make the game’s melee ability just that much stronger and is sure to become a major force on smaller, close-ranged maps.

Others on TikTok have been able to find these ‘diamond in the rough’ glitches and techniques that have resulted in impressive rocket deflection kills and a much better UI that increases field of view.

The Halo community has a knack for finding little nuggets like this in the game and it looks like Halo Infinite will be no different. It’ll be a wonder to see what all they’ll be able to find in the game’s campaign when it releases on December 8.

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While it appears that co-op will not accompany the campaign at launch, it will come in a loaded Season 2 that’s sure to keep players interested.